DIY Day of the Dead Skull Cookies

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Halloween is around the corner and this means that all you DIY Diva’s are kicking into high gear! This season really wow your guests by making these DIY Day of the Dead Skull Cookies. People will be so impressed by your creativity and mad skills! Not to mention that these make for such a fun and unique dessert at all your fall gatherings! Place the cookies on top of mini plastic martini glasses filled with milk and you have the most CUTEtastic dessert in all the land! Your kids will also LOVE this sweet and spooky treat!

1) Make a batch of skull shaped Sugar Cookies. You can easily do this by grabbing a log of Phillsbury pre-made sugar cookie dough from any super market (who has time to make their own? Seriously) and a super cute skull cookie cutter from Target! After you cut out your skulls make a hole for the “nose” where a paper straw will fit through. You can make this hole by using a metal straw if you have one or carefully with a paper straw. A knife point also works well.


2) Let cookies cool and then frost them with white cookie icing and let dry for and hour. Pour yourself a nice glass of Souv Blanc while you wait. That’s an order ladies!


3) Take your Wilton Food Markers (found at Michaels or Party City) and go to town on fun skull designs. You can follow the styles I made or create your own.


4) You are almost there! Now, take mini martini cups (found at Party City)  and fill them half way with milk. Place straws through your cookie “nose” holes and set them on top of the martini glasses. Voila! You have the most incredible DIY treat for all your Fall and Halloween entertaining.


2015 Printable Emmy’s Ballot

PopSugar ballot


The Emmy’s are THIS Sunday and that means a lot of you will be hosting parties for the broadcast. There is not better way to get your guests involved in the show and have some fun than with ballots. I always have a bunch scattered around the coffee table with a mason jar filled with pens and a prize for the winner. Come on, you have to rally up some friendly competition to get people excited. A good winners gift goes a long way! I always love PopSugars printable ballots at awards season and this year is no different. Print out the above to play along for the BIG 8 categories this year!



The Perfect Summer Hat


Floppy hats are my absolute favorite accessory during the summer time. How else am I supposed to keep my pasty white skin? But seriously and more importantly, this “Out of Office” hat is super cute and so unique. Such a FAB Find!  Grab this hat, a cocktail and put your out of office message up because it’s time for you to enjoy the last days of summer!


Pair this hat with the “Miramar” Dress from Reformation and you have a knockout look for all you’re end of summer soirees.

You can buy  the hat in stores and the little red number in stores and online at Reformation 


8253 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90048

DIY Diva- Re-purposed Cracked Mirror


I find a lot of discarded items outside of people’s homes; they may say trash, but I say treasure! In this DIY Diva , I will be taking a cracked antique mirror and turning it into a beautiful decorative tray. This item is perfect to place on a coffee table and brings a ton of personality to your home.

- 1 cracked antique mirror with wooden frame and back
- Rubber or generally protective gloves
- Mod Podge and application brush
- Newspaper, map or magazine clippings to decoupage
- Screwdriver if need be

- Put on your protective gloves to handle the cracked mirror and set aside an area that will allow for easy cleanup of any stray shards of glass. A garage is a perfect place for this. If the mirror is attached to the frame with nails use your screwdriver to remove them. Discard the glass immediately. Separate and use the wooden backing from the frame as your base for the tray. Make sure to clean it will a surface cleaner such as Method wood cleaner. Then, decoupage the wooden back with your desired clippings. I personally love using magazine clippings or subway maps. The London Tube system map is a great one! Once you have all your clippings ready, take your Mod Podge and brush and apply a thin layer to the wood and start placing your clippings on that base and then seal it with another layer of Mod Podge. Let it dry for a good hour and then screw the wooden base back onto the frame and you will have your decorative tray all ready to go! You can also screw on handles for a more classic tray look. I suggest getting some really unique handles from Anthropologie. Voila, from Trash to Fab in no time!

Re-purposed Egg Carton Flower Vase

eggAn egg carton can be found in almost anyone’s fridge and is disposed of without a second thought…until now! Let’s take this household staple and turn it on it’s head. From everyday Trash to everyday Fab.

I love this DIY project especially around Easter when you have a ton of cartons leftover from dying eggs for the holiday. You can take this “Trash” and make it into a super cute flower vase that has a shabby chic look and is SO eco-friendly. I suggest cutting the carton in half and doubling the amount of arrangements you can make. This DIY is also Fab for baby showers and spring weddings and allows for easy conversation across a decorated table.


- 1 egg carton cut into two halves (a scissor will easily cut through the soft cardboard)
- 12 small plastic pill cups to place in the individual egg sections.
- 6 coral roses and a bunch of greens. Try fresh dill and green wildflowers as your filler!

- Cut the egg carton in half. Take your pill cups and place them into the individual egg sections. If need be, cut down the tops of the pill cups so they sit just below the edge of the carton. You will fill these cups with water and then place the flowers in them. I like to place the roses at the corners of the carton and have the middle with a variety of greens. I like using fresh dill and green wildflowers as the filler!


DIY Glam Wedge Sneakers

DIY Glam Wedge Sneakers

DIY Glam Wedge Sneakers

 The wedge sneaker craze is super popular, but I still couldn’t find a pair that I really like. Whoa is me! So, I decided to take matters into my own hands, or feet, and created DIY glam wedge sneakers for only $70!

Art Deco Wedge Sneakers

Art Deco Wedge Sneakers

I wanted a shoe with some pizazz but not a pair that would break the bank! I headed to H&M and found a great sneaker base. Now, what would I do to jazz them up? I thought about feathers, glitter and even pipe cleaners. All bad choices. Very, very bad! Then, as I was walking through the H&M store, I discovered an art deco style necklace that would pair perfectly with the sneakers. Voila, I had found the missing link.

photo 3 (3)


Now, let’s put it all together! Actually, this project is super easy. All you need are your sneakers, two necklaces, a scissor and Weldbond glue. Take each necklace and cut the chain with a regular scissor leaving about two inches of chain on either side of the art deco triangles. String the necklace through the bottom shoe string holes and glue the chain on the inside of the sneaker. Next, secure the triangles to the sneaker by using Weldbond glue. Let your DIY glam wedge sneakers dry for about an hour before wearing them. Wahooo!! Totally amazing, super cuteastic, pizazzyy sneakers all for under $70!!!!!!!

DIY Glam Wedge Sneakers

DIY Glam Wedge Sneakers

Guacamole and Chips Made Fancy Pants

Fancy Guacamole and Chips

Entertaining this weekend? I wanted to give you a little nugget of food joy! A fancy pants way to display your guacamole and chips! Everyone loves this staple appetizer but, let’s face it, guacamole and chips is not the best looking dish. Until now!

Guacamole and Chips in Mini Margarita Cups

This guacamole and chips made fancy pants is super easy to prepare and will make a big splash at any gathering! All you need are plastic mini margarita glasses, your favorite guacamole recipe, and blue corn tortilla chips! You can easily find these cute mini margarita glasses at Party City for $8! Just place some corn chips in the back of the filled margarita glass and voila! You have an amazingly unique display for an otherwise boring guacamole and chips platter.


Must Have Summer Headband From Anthropologie



Everybody needs a few summer statement pieces and this Anthropologie turban headband is sure to make a splash! I love a bit of bling and this piece does such a great job of weaving a glam look into the ohhhh so trendy bohemian style. Pair it with loose curls and a low ponytail to get an effortlessly chic appearance. This turban headband is a hit every time I wear it out so head over to and treat yo self!

Cost- $38.00



Boozy Brunch at Pearl’s Liquor Bar

Champagne Brunch at Pearls Liquor Bar

Champagne Brunch at Pearls Liquor Bar

It’s about that time in the week when everyone is looking forward to what the weekend will bring! Well, look no further. This weekend, you must, must, must go to a boozy brunch at Pearl’s Liquor Bar. WOWza! You feel like you are royalty. Every table gets their own glam champagne tray, which comes with three different juices in antique bottles, a shabby chic Ball Jar of flowers, fresh cut strawberries, super trendy red paper straws and of course, a silver bucket of champagne. Honestly, this is the best boozy brunch presentation I have ever seen. The atmosphere is also amazingly magical with hanging flowers, a garden tree swing and open air rooftop. This place is perfect for brunch with the girls, birthday soiree’s and Sunday Funday’s. Next time you are looking for a fabtastically fun and unique boozy brunch spot, try Pearls! You won’t be disappointed!


Pearls Liquor Bar

8909 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 360-6800

Mani Monday: Coachella Nails

photo (8)

Everybody needs some bling for Coachella this weekend, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. These super easy DIY musical nails are perfect for the festival and can be done right in your own home! All you need is blue nail polish and a white nail art pen. Follow these simple steps to the most rockin Coachella nails!

photo (7)

Baby Shower Statement Pieces

This past weekend I attended one of my good friends’ baby shower and it was beyond perfection and bliss! It was so my style…at home, intimate soiree that looked like it had jumped out of the pages of pinterest. Homemade yogurt parfaits in mason jars, DIY flower headband station, chalk board decor and doilies galore! But of course, you also have to have some statement pieces as well…and that’s where I come in!

Every baby shower NEEDS a FABtastic cake. For this reason, I left it to the cake gods and experts at The Butter End Cakery. Not only do their cakes look beyond beautiful and cute and classy and woweeeee but they also taste amazing. Hard to find my friends. Style and substance!

The Butter End Cakery- Baby Shower Elephant Cake

The Butter End Cakery- Baby Shower Elephant Cake

I cannot rave more about this cake…not only is it super adorable but it is VEGAN and DELICIOUS! If you ever need to have a vegan cake please please choose their carrot option. So Wonderful!


You also NEED to bring a gift to remember. So put on your DIY Diva gloves and grab your glue gun and go off the deep end!  The deep end of a Rubber Ducky Bubble Bath tub made out of diapers, that is. This is a great way to give the expecting parents some bath swag in a super unique way.

Rubber Ducky Tub Made Out of Diapers

Rubber Ducky Tub Made Out of Diapers

  • Simply start with a rectangular basket and wrap it with diapers.
  • Print out hot and cold nozzles to put on the end near your “faucet.”
  • Make your faucet by rolling the diapers and connecting with hot glue.
  • You can make water droplets out of blue foam and clear fishing wire!
  • Cotton balls make great bubbles.
  • Display your organic baby shampoo, bubble bath and ointment
  • Pepper with rubber duckies and other fun bath time toys

Ugly Sweater Holiday Baking Party

Ugly Sweater Cookies

This holiday season I wanted to have some girlfriends over and do a good old baking party. BUT, I couldn’t just have your run of the mill snow flakes and Santa cookie cutters. Oh HO HO HO NO. I needed something really unique and super fun! I searched for a few hours and discovered these amazing Ugly Sweater cookie cutters from Etsy. How Fabtastic! These would truly make my baking party special and memorable! I immediately ordered a few cutters and sent my invites out!

Ugly Sweater Christmas Cookies

This party was such a hit and must be on your list for this holiday season!  Everyone had such a good time and loved the hipster twist on the time honored tradition of a baking party.  My guests really got into making the perfect designs and wanted to decorate multiple sweaters. It was also fun to see how everyone’s personalities came out in their individual cookies. I love this party idea because it’s super easy to pull together and does not take a lot of effort to clean up.

All you need are the Ugly Sweater cookie cutters from Etsy, a variety of cookie decorating accessories such as icing, pearl beads and sprinkles and sugar cookie mix! Also, no party is complete without some drinky drinks so try to make a fun punch,  such as Santa’s Strawberry Champagne Punch! This is easy peasy to make by using one bottle of champagne, one Skinny Girl Strawberry Lemonade (5 Calories) and slices of fresh strawberries. Serve with red and white stripped straws and you are good to go!

Classy Sweater Party

DIY DIVA: Personalized Ornaments

personalized ornaments

personalized ornaments

The holidays are a DIY Diva’s dream. So many presents to craft, so little time! I love all the fun ornaments that are around this time of year and found these great neon ones from Urban Outfitters! Super cute and trendy!

Picture 9

However, I decided to spruce these neon ornaments up a bit and create a special gift for our loved ones! All you need to get are the ornaments and some adhesive pearls from Paper Source!

adhesive pearls from Paper Source

adhesive pearls from Paper Source

All in all these personalized ornaments will cost $15 for a set of 6! Pretty budget friendly for a custom made look! Your family will DIY over this gift!

personalized ornaments

personalized ornaments

Spaphile “Best of 2014″ VIP Box

It is the time of giving and Spaphile is helping out in a major way with their new VIP Box. If you are a lover of Burchbox, just cant wait to try new products and love a good deal you are going to be obsessed with Spaphile’s “Best of 2014″ VIP box. You can order it online here for $75 which is such a steal for everything being valued at $250! One of my favorite products in there is the Wink Mascara! I am always looking for mascaras that give me a lot of volume but don’t clump and this one works like a charm. Also the Burke Williams Day Spa pass is incredible! I absolutely love the vibe there and the services are top notch. Definitely take advantage of that spa pass my little princesses!


Here is a little overview of all the goodies that you will get when you purchase the box:

Youth Anti-Aging cream by SkinAgain ($64 value)
While most skincare products have one active ingredient, this one-of-a-kind cream has four active ingredients that reduce fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles and restore elasticity in the face. In short, SkinAgain is in a class of its own.Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer by Wink Natural

Cosmetics ($39 value)
Wink’s Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer is committed to solving women’s toughest beauty problems with real science and nature’s finest ingredients.

L’eggs Sheer Energy Sheer Tights ($5.99 value)
With its innovative knitting technology that micro-massages your legs to keep them feeling invigorated all day, these tights combine beauty and wellness in one product.

 ZICO® Premium Coconut Water™  ($1.68 value)
It is not only delicious, but it naturally supports hydration with five electrolytes: magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium.  Made from concentrate of Indonesian coconuts, this beverage will not only taste good, but also make you feel great.

Quest Nutrition Protein Bar ($2.39 value)
Why? Because you deserve a delicious protein bar that’s actually good for you.  Here is a protein bar with a savory taste and nutritional benefits.

Tri Miracle Square Travel Packs by MASHK ($10 value)
This will keep your skin looking vibrant, no matter where your travels may take you.

3-Day Spa Passes at any Burke William Spa location ($120 value)
State of the art service and equipment to meet your every spa need.  Their credo is the privilege of anticipating the needs of each guest and the honor of creating an environment of refinement that inspires each of us to higher levels of integrity and pride. Need I say more?

Energizing Body Gel by basq  ($20 value)
A light textured cooling gel, with antioxidant rich blend of cucumber, green tea, aloe and eucalyptus. Perfect for soothing tired legs and feet, aching muscles, sore back, shoulders and cooling overheated skin, while leaving skin feeling super soft and silky.

Ceramide Super Strengthening Serum XXX by Nick Chavez ($12 value)
Use this product on wet or dry hair.  It restores moisture and creates stronger, more resilient hair by fortifying your hair’s internal protective structure.

Corn Dog DIY Costume

DIY Dog Costumes

DIY Dog Costumes- Corn Dog

Halloween is creepily creeping up on us and I want to provide you with an awesome DIY dog costume for you to make this holiday! We love our pooches but some of those store bought costumes are outrageously expensive. No worries my lovely ladies. The Hostess Handbook has you covered. Your dog will look FAB for less with this DIY dog costume!

I always like to do something kitschy, so I am going to show you how to make a corn dog outfit for Halloween. Literally a Corn and a Dog. We are going to make an ear of corn and put it on a dog for a super cute and unique costume that will get everyone barking! I featured this costume last time I went on Good Day LA and everyone was obsessed!

Corn Dog Costume

Corn Dog Costume

Here’s What Ya Do!

Materials you will need:

Green felt

White Ping Pong Balls

Yellow Spray Paint

Yellow foam sheets

Green Stalkings

Velcro Pieces

Hot Glue Gun


Gettin Down and Dirty:

You can buy everything at a Michaels Crafts Store except the green stalkings and ping pong balls. I picked up green stalkings at H&M on the cheap and grabbed some ping pong balls at Bevmo! This tutorial is for a small dog but can easily be adjusted for larger dogs!


1) Take your green stalkings and cut off the foot. Then, cut it again right below the knee area so you have about a piece or tube that is a foot in length. Cut out two holes for the dog’s legs and put it on your pooch like a tight fitting shirt! This will be the base of the costume!

Ear of Corn foam and leaf base

Ear of Corn foam and leaf base

2) To make the ear of corn, cut a rectangular piece of yellow foam 6 inches in length by 2 in width. Cut two leafs out of your green felt. Make sure they are about 7 inches in length to cover the ends of the yellow foam piece. Then, spray paint your ping pong balls yellow. Once dried, attach the ping pong balls to your yellow foam sheet with hot glue. You should be able to fit 2 ping pong balls across and five in length! Finally, attach your leaves to the sides of the yellow foam with hot glue. 

Yellow Ping Pong Balls

Yellow Ping Pong Balls

3) Take your ear of corn and attach a velcro piece to the bottom. Then, take another velcro piece and stick it on the green stalking base so the ear of corn will attach securely on your dogs back! 

Voila! You have a super fantastic DIY dog costume for Halloween!




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