Party Like A Labor Day BBQ Rock Star!

Take the reins this Labor Day and sport an intense BBQ Apron, complete with Spatula and Tongs! You’re the hostess, so go all out! I’m not saying you have to man the grill, you don’t want to get that apron dirty, but it will definitely get a good laugh out of everyone. I sported a Hostess Handbook logo on mine but you could make a name tag yourself with a nickname or “Hostess with the Mostest” to personalize the apron and add some flair!

From one hostess to the next: This apron can be yours! Next Tuesday, I will be giving the apron away in a contest! Look out for it when you return to work from the holiday weekend. At least it won’t be a total bummer of a day!

Fab vs. Drab

This Labor Day spice up your drink selection with these Maui Bikini Blonde beers! They are so kitschy and fun. Pair the beers with these retro ketchup and mustard bottles to make a BBQ to remember! It’s all about attention to detail! ¬†Pinpoint a couple of items that you are going to make unique at your party and decorate accordingly. It is easy to mix it up with some funky/fresh beers and put them on display.

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