Party Like a Rock Star: The Spare Room

The Spare Room takes bowling to a whole other level! This twenties style game parlor is home to two vintage bowling lanes that look as thought they would fit perfectly in Daddy Warbuck’s Library! The lanes can be reserved for parties and have a private lounge area for guests to mingle! And don’t worry, you will not have to bother with keeping score for yourselves as the bar provides a “Tally Master” outfitted in newsy hat and suspenders!






You will be transported to an era of extravagance and glamour when your drinks arrive in stirling silver punch bowls! Perfect for sharing with a big party and provides bang for you buck! Try an array of alluring drinks such as a Tequila based “Hot Day in South Central” or Bullet Rye based “Summer Time Blues.” The mixologists always bring a twist to the drinks using ingredients such as lavender syrup, cilantro and smoked salt. You will want to try every drink on the menu!

The Spare Room Bar also features vintage turn-tables, hidden photo booths and hand-made board games! Let’s just say you will not be bored when you visit the Spare Room! This venue was made for people who like to throw unique and extravagant parties. There are so many elements to the bar that will keep guests entertained and intrigued! Keep your eyes open, you might find some other hidden gems in the wonderland that is The Spare Room Bar!

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