Party Like a Rock Star: The Meatball Shop- West Village NYC

 Rock Star Contributer- Ashley Klein 

Set in the heart of the West Village, the third Meatball Shop location has finally opened!

The Meatball Shop is a cozy, cheap, and perfect setting to dine with friends and family.  You can either enjoy a drink at the bar or dine at tables set up community style. The Hostess Handbook suggests sitting community style so you can mingle with other guests and peek at their dishes!

The vibe is a mix between trendy and vintage, and the perfect spot for a relaxing meal. The meatball masterpiece recipes add a modern twist to your average meatball concoction. “Ball” lovers,
fanatics and newbees always leave wanting to venture back for another bite.

The inventive build-your-own-meal menu features 5 different types of meatballs including classic beef, spicy pork, chicken, vegetable, and a special which changes daily. Guests also have 6 sauces to choose
from such as classic tomato, spicy meat sauce, mushroom gravy, Parmesan cream, pesto, and a special sauce.

If you are young, broke, and fabulous, The Meatball Shop is your ticket to a delicious home cooked style meal that won’t break the bank!

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