Chinese New Year Take Out Box Flower Arrangement

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Chinese New Year Take Out Box Flower Arrangement

The Chinese New Year is next week and this take out box flower arrangement is a perfect party centerpiece. You could also put it on a buffet table and have the chopsticks on the plate below for people to take and eat with! A Chinese New Year party is super easy to throw and everyone loves the food. I suggest making it easy on yourself and ordering in a bunch of chinese food, use a bunch of these flower arrangements and have some beer and sake!

First, get a red take out box and cut a circular hole in the top. Make sure to put a small cup of water or vase inside the box for the flowers to rest in. Keep the flaps of the take out box down by taping them together with double sided tape.

Place red mini roses around the rim of the hole.

 Then add another level with three Calla Lilies and finish the design with two chop sticks! You can also cut and tape the chopstick wrapper on the take out box to add to the asian design and tie in the chopsticks on the plate!

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