Flower Power: Using a Kenzan Needle Point Holder/Frog

If you are going to get creative with flowers, you have to get a Kenzan Needle Point Holder commonly known as a “Frog”. You can make so many unique arrangements because this base allows you to fix the stems exactly where you want them without having a vase hold them in place. The Kenzan needle point holder is used in a lot of asian inspired floral designs and arrangements set in bowls.


This design takes the flower out of the water, so it must be made shortly before guests arrive so they don’t die during your party. Luckily it is super easy and takes no time. Did I mention it is cheaptastic too? This Kenzan needle holder is $6.99 and can be used for countless floral designs.

The only other items you need are water glasses and Lilies.Place the Lily in the middle of the “frog”base and cover the rest of the base with green leaves so the needles are not showing. Cover the Lily with a clear water glass that can be found in your own kitchen! Voila! You have glass enclosed Lily display. You can place a couple of these arrangements around the house or take three glass enclosed Lilies and use them as a centerpiece. Always use odd numbers in your centerpieces! Take the three Lilies and place them in a line in the center of the table from one head of the table to another. You can even add some tea light candles in between the glass enclosed Lilies! Such a unique flower arrangement and too cute to boot!


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