How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

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How to Decorate Your Coffee Table 

You can really make your living room special by learning how to decorate your coffee table in unique and fun ways. It is your home, so make sure that the pieces you display on the table mean something to you. Do you have a candle your grandmother gave you or a trinket from when you studied abroad? I know this might seem trivial but the best looking coffee tables are ones that tell a story about yourself. Not only is it nice for you to look at but also for guests to get a feel for who you are and what you are interested in. The Hostess Handbook knows that part of entertaining is telling stories so have plenty of knickknacks to work off of!

Coffee table sin decor

Coffee Table with accents that display my interests and style!

  Its also important to include little accents that fit in with the time of year! For example, Valentines day is coming up so I made a display of candy hearts and Lilies in a tray that I always have on the table. You could also put fresh cranberries in an apothecary jar for fall decor and place it in the center of the coffee table. There are tons of items that you can switch in and out to freshen up your display!

Books are always a great decorative piece that guests can enjoy and flip through! Place three books on top of one another at different angles to create depth and texture!

Placing a rolled up map in the display is a unique element that always starts conversation and can say a lot about yourself! Why that map? Did you travel there? Is it somewhere you have always wanted to go? My map is of Paris which is one of my favorite cities and always makes me think of hot chocolate croissants. I ate one every morning I was there!

No matter what items you choose to include, always remember to make them authentic to you (please no Walmart butterfly paper weights!). Happy decorating!

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    This is a really cool coffee table, makes me think I have to upgrade mine. Thanks for the tips!

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