Chocolate Fondant Recipe

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Chocolate Fondant Recipe

Contributing Chef- Abby Reibman- Author of  The Desk and The Stove

There’s a reason this chocolate lava cake is found on the menu at nearly every restaurant (and one I used to make at Michelin starred La Locanda di Bu in Nusco, Italy) – it’s super easy to make and incredibly yummy! This is one tasty treat that is sure to never go out of style.  The Hostess Handbook suggests making it a bit boozy with a few slugs of Bailey’s – with a bottle of bubbly and chocolate covered strawberries, this is one dessert that is guaranteed to give you that lovin feeling.


100 g superfine sugar

100 g A.P. flour, sifted

100 g dark chocolate (70%), broken up into pieces

100 g butter, cut into small chunks

50 g butter, melted

2 eggs

2 egg yolks


cocoa powder, for dusting

4 ramekins or 150-200 ml moulds


1-    Grease the ramekins with the melted butter in upward strokes.  Chill in the fridge for 15 min and repeat.  Dust with the cocoa powder.

2-    Over a double boiler, melt the butter and chocolate together.  Let stand to cool for 20 min. Add in the Bailey’s if wanted.

3-    Whisk together the eggs, yolks and sugar until it’s pale and fluffy – the whisk should leave a trail through the mixture.  Add the flour and mix thoroughly.

4-    Fold in the melted butter and chocolate mixture in thirds.  Pour into a pitcher or jug and then evenly distribute into the four individual ramekins.

5-    Put the ramekins on a baking tray and bake for 10-12 min at 390° F – the tops should just be forming a crust and the sides should come away from the ramekins a bit.

6-     Let them stand for 1 min, then flip over onto a plate and remove from the ramekin.  Serve with ice cream and garnish with chocolate covered strawberries.

****These can be wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen for up to one month. If cooking from frozen, add 5 min to the cooking time.





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