Oscar Party Essentials

Party Like a Rock Star

Oscar Party Essentials 

The Oscars are this Sunday and what a great event to throw a party for. Invite some friends over to watch on your “big screen” and have them fill out ballots for who they think will win. To get everyone excited for the ballots, have a prize that will go to the winner! Everyone always loves a good give-away! Come up with some FABtastic food that is nominee themed such as rich chocolate pie with Hilly written on it for The Help! Encourage your guests to bring themed food as well! Having popcorn displayed for your guests in these old fashion bags is super easy and will add a ton to the environment of the party!

You don’t have to go all out but decorating with these oscar party essentials is super fun and easy. Get a red carpet on the cheap from party city and a photo board for guests to take pictures with! How fun! The Hostess Handbook suggests you have your guests dress up in theme as well! Perhaps, overalls and a paint brush for The Artist or a Marilyn costume for My Week With Marilyn!

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