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Paleta Juice Launch Party

Hostess Handbook Exclusive

Paleta Juice Launch Party

Welcome to the world of Paleta! Nutritious and delicious food delivered to your door. Executive chef and founder Kelly Boyer has created an unparalleled food delivery experience focusing on the healthy and organic. But don’t worry, Kelly isn’t sending you a plain kale salad! Ohhh no! This foodie lover will have you swearing that all her dishes are just as tasty and lovely as their fattier, less healthy step sister dishes! Take it from fans such as Ashley Greene, Natasha Henstridge and Molly Sims!

Now, Kelly is making a whole line of fresh pressed juices and The Hostess Handbook was at the launch party to snag a taste! All of Paleta’s juices have the perfect combination of ingredients to create flavors that are layered and luscious!

My favorite is the “Sunshine State” which is a mixture of grapefruit, orange, blood orange, ginger and cayenne! So many different things going on in this Paleta juice and magically they blend together to create a wonderful taste that is both sweet and spicy while still being refreshing! YUMmazing!

My other favorite was “Rhubarb Punch!” Yup, you got that right! Rhubarb! Not the pie but just as good! This juice contains strawberry, rhubarb and orange juices!

Kelly also created this cold- pressed, fully organic juice line to use as a detox cleanse! If you are thinking about doing a detox, I can tell ya that these juices are amazing. If  your gonna do it, might as well taste good!

Of course, I was drawn to the presentation of the food and catering! Love these “Carrot” silverware bundles! So easy to DIY! That article is coming soon my DIY Divas!

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