Labor Day Pink Lemonade Jello Shots

Today, I have another Tasty Tip for you as Labor Day is coming up and food is always a big thang. You want to have some cute kitschy items mixed in with the regular ole’ hamburgers and hot dogs! These Labor Day pink lemonade jello shots are just the item to liven up your party and get guests talking and mingling! These jello shots are also super easy to make and wont break the bank! The Hostess Handbook would never lead you astray! Serve these at your labor day bash and it will be a hit!


2 Boxes Clear Jello
Vodka of Choice
Pink Lemonade Crystal Light Mix
6 Lemons


- Cut Lemons in Half the long way and scoop out the middle of the lemon.

-  Follow the Jello making instructions on the box and taylor it so you use Vodka instead of the cold water that they call for and add about a 1/3 of the crystal light package into finished jello before you add the the lemons and put in fridge. The pink Lemonade amount can also be done by adding to the clear jello until you get the desired colored!


- Ladle the pink lemonade jello into the lemon halves so its right up to the top of the rim of the lemons and place in the fridge until jello is set!

- Cut into slivers or wedges depending on how many you want to serve and how large of a shot! I like them cut into slivers!

- You can add pink chunky sprinkles on top if you want to glam them up a bit!

- Take a shot for me!


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