Brinkleys Pub

My favorite thing about Brinkleys pub is their “Flying Wasp” drink made out of iced tea vodka, lemonade and mint! It is a big thing among mixologists now to create flavored vodkas with a variety of teas. Flavors such as “Green tea vodka,” “Earl Grey Vodka,” “Oolong tea Vodka” and of course “Mint tea vodka” are very popular. So of course, I got to thinking about how you all can re-create this drink at home! Well, lucky for you and me, this drink is super easy to make at home! This cocktail is perfect for fall. Serve it in a mason jar/ball jar and it will give it a rustic fall look!

To re-create the Flying Wasp:

-Use Firefly brand Sweet Tea Vodka

-Muddle the vodka with mint

-Squeeze in a tablespoon of lemon

-Shake it all up in a martini shaker to get the “foam” look

-Add ice and garnish with lemon and mint in a mason jar! If you don’t want too strong of a drink add a splash of water to the Sweet Tea Vodka. However, when the ice melts a bit it usually dilutes the hard cocktail perfectly!

Brinkleys pub in NYC is a super fun spot to grab drinks and relax. This gastropub creates a neighborhood bar feel with bikes hanging from the wall, comfortable plush red booths, book shelves and intimate corners!

I also love black and white checkered floors! Drool!

Super Unique design element of bikes hanging from the ceiling!

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