Unique Turkey Recipes

All I’m gonna say is Turduckenage! Turkey, duck, chicken and sausage all in one! It really is one of the most unique turkey recipes out there! I was at a friends Thanksgiving on Sunday and the master chef out of the group, Bill Bridges, made a Turduckenage for the event! Everyone was amazed at the presentation and even more impressed by the taste. If you want to do something special and unique this year with your turkey this is it! The layers of varying meat give everyone what they could possible want and make it fun for people to explore and decide which layer was their favorite or which combo they liked best! I suggest you keep it pretty simple and season the meats lightly as there will be a lot of flavor with all the different meats. Now, you make this with BONE-OUT layers of the meat. So bone-out Turkey, chicken and duck. You can ask for this at your super market! Then you lay the different meats out on a table and layer them one on top of the other. So you would put the bone-out turkey on a table and season it with salt, pepper and┬ápaprika and then put a layer of duck on top of that and so on. At the end you roll the meat up and keep the whole thing together with string. There are so many unique turkey recipes for thanksgiving but this one really takes the cake and it is actually pretty easy! The process will seem much easier when you watch the video below! Just add sausage to what you see! You can also roll everything up and keep it intact with tight string instead of sewing!

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