Tinsel Loops Garland

I love the holiday season and all the festive decor that pops up at this time of year! However, a lot of the items that you see in the stores for holidays really don’t need to be bought but can be made at home! I was in Anthropology  the other day and came across the below Tinsel loops garland. I thought it was just the cutest thing but I also thought it is the easiest thing to DIY! Why spend $68 on something can make for $5? Ladies, get your DIY Diva hats on and lets get crafting!

Anthropology Tinsel Loops Garland

 Take silver pipe cleaners

Make a loop in with the middle section of the pipe cleaner.

Then use the remaining length to make a diamond shape and attach to the ring of the next pipe cleaner you will make. Attaching one after another of the loop/diamond shape will make a chain for you to drape around your tree!

This tinsel loops garland looks so great on the tree and is such a wonderful homemade touch for the holidays!

Tinsel loops garland on Christmas Tree



  1. This is so cute! I love it!

    • thehostess

      Thanks! It is really fun to make as well! Send in some pics if you end up creating your own Tinsel Garland! Would love to see your inner DIY Diva!

  2. Hey, gorgeous! My Liebster award nomination post just went up (and you’re in it!)

    Go take a look: http://www.namimscott.com/2012/12/my-dearestmy-favoritemy-beloved.html#more

    Can’t wait to hear your answers! ;)


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