How-To Save Money in the New Year

Everyone has a New Years resolution to save money but sometimes it can be hard to actually achieve it if you don’t have a plan. I have compiled some easy secrets to save money this year which will help you check off this resolution in a big way. But shhhhhhh…don’t tell anyone!

Tip 1- TWEET

This is the biggest secret of them all! I have found an amazing way to cut down on your cable, internet and phone bills. I’m talking up to saving $60 a month! This is what ya do. Swear to god...TWEET at your cable, internet and phone provider saying you are unhappy with your service and are going to change to a different provider. Like magic, the company will call you to inquire about your claim and you can tell them you want to be paying less or you are going to use someone else for your services. I just did this and saved $60 a month. Really press them to lower your rate and they will work with you. Easy peasy and you could save $720 a year. Big improvement!

Tip 2- Trader Joes

I know all you lovely ladies like to go to whole foods and get organic this and dead sea that and blah blah blah but you’re also getting ripper off! Instead, head to another just as boutiquey market and spend much less. Trader Joes has great deals, organic and a ton of specialty foods including great party items! You will spend about 1/2 changing to Trader Joes and get the same feel as Whole Foods!

Tip 3- Olay over Chanel

I hate to break it to you ladies but Olay has beaten out luxury brands such as Chanel in blind product tests and most makeup is really made out of the same things. Sooo this year make an effort to save by mixing and matching your beauty products. There are some great shadows and under eye concealers that can be found at CVS. Um, Maybelline mascara? It’s great and about $20 less than high end mascaras. Be smart about what you should save and spend money on.


Good Luck!


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