Talk Show Appearence

Talk Show Appearence

I am beyond thrilled to be writing this article about my FIRST talk show appearance for The Hostess Handbook! I went on a new talk show called Naturally Beautiful on the Veria Network, which is a cable network focused on health and wellness. Actually, its the only network on TV that is all about health and wellness. Pretty cool. I went on the show to  teach some DIY tricks for making your own makeup! Yup, I was on TV digging into aloe vera plants and using the gel to make lip glosses and mascara! I had sooo much fun and everyone on set was amazing. So warm and welcoming! I cannot wait for you all to see the segments. I am in three of them!

 The first is where I show people how to make mascara, bronzer, lip and cheek stain all out of natural products such as beets and corn starch. Yup, basically everything in your kitchen sink. Then, I have a mini interview about the DIY parties I throw and then another segment where we do a makeover with the homemade makeup products.

80's Lipstick Nails

Of course, I had to get my nails tricked out  for the segment as only I can do! I decided to go 80′s makeup chic! So kitschy! Wahoo!!!! I will let you all know when the air date will be and what channel to find the segments on!

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