Candy Heart Lantern

Candy Heart Lantern

Everyone loves the classic candy hearts on Valentines Day so I wanted to incorporate them into a DIY decor project for the holiday. I was going through my closet of craft stuff and found a paper lantern and big old bag of the candy hearts. Why not combine the two and make something fab and unique! This candy lantern is a great item of display windows in stores, home entry ways, over a dining room table or wresting on any table top!

The lantern , available at any Party City, has a battery run light at the bottom to make our candy heart lantern shine bright! This is what ya do! Take candy hearts and a glue gun and paste them onto your paper lantern! I glued the hearts along the already made wire lines of the lantern as an easy way to make straight sections.

Then, simply hang or place your finished lantern for a a cute and unique Valentines Day look! I love this candy heart lantern because it legit takes ten minutes to make and looks like a million bucks! Its also a cheap DIY project that will create tons of atmosphere in whatever room you place it! This is an awesome piece for party decor as well! A bunch of them hung together would look amazing!

Send me your Valentines Day DIY Projects and get featured here on the big day!

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