Valentines Day Centerpiece

 Valentines Day Centerpiece

Candy hearts are a classic Valentines day treat and one that is perfect for decor! They actually seem to be creeping up everywhere. Even on chinese take out boxes! These mini boxes are available at World Market and make the perfect base for flower arrangements. Pair those boxes with some cute pink and white striped candles enclosed in a candy heart rectangle and you have wonderfully unique and romantic valentines day centerpiece!

First, cut a circle out of the top of the chinese take out boxes and secure the flaps with double sided tape! Place a shot glass in the box for 4 mini pink roses to sit in. Set them in the box so they are bursting out of the whole! You can add some greens to the center box to create some depth and texture and break up the flower design of the entire centerpiece! You don’t want all three box arrangements looking the same!

Then, place candles between the take out boxes in a line and finish it off with surrounding the candles and take out boxes with candy hearts! Super cute and so easy! The perfect Valentines Day centerpiece! Hostess Handbook tip: Get these candles at Rite Aid for $1.30!


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