Events Photo Booth

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Events Photo Booth

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Last night, I went to the American Idol finalists taping and after party with a friend and found the most amazing events photo booth company! Seriously, I have never looked so good! There was a guy operating the booth and legit positioning people for their best look.  I was a little weirded out at first because he was very particular and was positioning my face and telling me to lean in and yadda yadda. However, it was Sooooo worth it! Both my friend and I looked super fab and quickly became obsessed with HD Photo booth.


 The events photo booth from HD Photo booth makes everyone look so amazing because they put each picture through a skin/exposure filter before printing them out and this makes people look younger and more radiant! The design of the booth is very minimalist and sleek! All the major studios in LA use them as well as festivals such as Coachella and Sundance! The next time you want to have a photo booth at a party, hire this one! People will rave!






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