Saint Patricks Day Cheese Crackers

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Saint Patricks Day Cheese Crackers


These Saint Patricks Day cheese crackers are super cute for your holiday parties! They are also pretty hearty with cheese, salami and crackers to soak up some of your green beer! These little snacks are easy-peasy to make and will definitely be a show stopper!



Take a block of gouda, or any white hard cheese that you like, and cut little block circles and then paint them with green food dye. Take the food dye and paint your round crackers as well! Then take some salami and cut it into strips to wrap around the cheese for the ribbon on your “hat.” You can either leave the salami as is or dye it blue to stand out a bit more. You can also make a vegetarian version by using raisins for the “ribbon.” 


Stick it to the cheese with some sweet green cupcake gel! Finally, cut square pieces of salami with a square cut out in the middle for the “buckle” of your “hat.” Viola! You have the cutest damn Saint Patricks Day cheese crackers! 



 You can also serve these hats with some green artichoke and spinach chips to stay in theme!

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