DIY Flower Napkin Rings

Picture 2

DIY Diva’s rejoice! This Hostess Handbook project is super fun, cheap and too cute to boot! The DIY Flower Napkin Rings are a summer party must have! It will brighten up your table setting and allow for some pizzaz while using generic paper napkins! Let’s face it, we’re broke, we don’t have fabric napkins in our rat whole apartments. But we can still make the table settings look fab instead of drab!

Simply take 3 baking cups and ribbon to assemble these flowers!

Take the baking cup and fold it in half. Then, fold it again along the center line so it makes a cone shape. Next, cinch the cone at the bottom and fan out the second half to make it look like the folds of a flower.

Make another two flowers and put all three together, attaching them by tying the three together with the ribbon.

Finally, tie the flower around a paper napkin and your done!


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