The Sampler South Kensington

Ever wanted to try a little taste of wine before you buy it? Just to make sure its what you really want? Ugh..hells yea! Well, The Sampler South Kensington is all about it. Literally, this wine shop allows you to sample a huge variety of wines in order to pick out the perfect choice! Here is how it works!

Easy peasy right? Uh I wish they had this in the states. What a good idea! I would be in The Sampler everyday! Next time you are in London for a bit you have to go check it out. Or if you have a family member or friends who live in London you could give him or her the gift of “Sampling.” So Fun, Funky, Fresh!

The Sampler South Kensington

The Sampler South Kensington

The Sampler South Ken

35 Thurloe Place

London SW7 2HP

Tel. +44 207 225 5091

Mon – Sat 11.30 – 10.00

Sunday 11.30 – 7.00


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