4th of July BBQ Flower Arrangement

French Fry Holder Flower Arrangement

French Fry Holder Flower Arrangement

I am so obsessed with this flower arrangement for all your summer BBQ’s and think this is a perfect decorative item for your 4th of July parties! It is super cute and super easy to make! I found the french fry holder and wrappers at World Market. You can buy one online that is similar but not exact to the one I bought in the store. I suggest you find your way to World Market for your next party and get the checkered french fry paper. Its super cute and stands out!


Make a French Fry Holder Flower Arrangement for 4th of July

1- Take a bunch of Bells of Ireland  and purple Freesia flowers. About 6 Bells of Ireland and 5 Freesia!



2- Lay out the french fry wrapper so its diamond shaped and place the flowers at the top of one of the points.


3- Wrap the flowers making a cone shape and close with double sided tape!


4-  Place flower ends in a 3 oz plastic cup filled with water. Cover the cup with the end of the wrapping paper and insert the flower bundle in the french fry holder!

Cut the bottom

Cut the bottom



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