Football Nail Art

Football Nail Art

Football Nail Art

The football season has begun and what better way to dress up than with football nail art! The Hostess Handbook suggests you have a little nail station set up at your football viewing parties or bring the products with you and paint guests nails. How fun! This is also soo on your young, broke and fabulous budget! No need to go out and get a jersey for $50 bucks, these nails are a perfect way to show the football spirit!

Here’s What Ya Do

Get yourself a white nail art pen and brown nail polish!

Paint your nails brown and let them fully dry!

Take the white nail art pen and draw one line horizontally at the top and bottom of the nail. Draw three smaller lines in the middle of the big ones and another through them going vertically! Voila! You have FABtastic football nail art for the fall!


Do you have fun nail designs for the Fall? E-mail me your pics and I will feature them this week! If not leave a comment with some design ideas and I will try them out myself.

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