Cherry Chinese Chicken

Cherry Chinese Chicken

Cherry Chinese Chicken

 I love when my friends share their cooking adventures with the Hostess Handbook and I love it even more when the recipes are for Chinese food! I go bananas over a great Chinese dish! This cherry chinese chicken is super easy to make and tastes YUMazing! Throw it over some shredded wheat cereal and lettuce for a healthy base!  Thanks to Maxim Rohowsky for a wonderful tasty tip that can be used for all your entertaining needs!

Cherry Chinese Chicken Recipe (6ppl)

750ML Cherry Flavored Lambic Beer

Chinese Five Spice to taste

8oz Hoisin Sauce

Vegetable Oil


Shredded Wheat

Iceberg Lettuce

8 Boneless chicken breasts


Reduce the cherry flavored Lambic beer in a small pot for 40 minutes. Then add chinese five spice to taste and 8 oz of Hoisin sauce. Cool for 2 minutes and then pour over your pre-fried chicken. For the fried chicken- make an at home deep fryer by taking a small pot and adding vegetable oil and heating it on the highest temp. Flour the chicken and dip it in until it reaches a golden brown crisp. Cut the chicken into chunks and pour your sauce over it. Lay the cherry chinese chicken on a bed of shredded wheat cereal and iceberg lettuce for an authentic presentation!

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