5 Ways to Feel More Feminine

1950's Housewife

1950′s Housewife

As life and work and kids get more hectic, sometimes a girl can be left feeling a little strung out and missing her beautiful/feminine side. It happens to all of us. Life is hard. So lets take some steps to get back to our beautiful and confident selves. You will feel more feminine in no time!

1) Smile. Yup, you read that right! Smile at least ten times a day. Making an effort to smile and bring positive energy into your everyday life will lighten your mood. This will make you feel better, look better and get into a more feminine state of being and of happiness.

Dancing Cat

Dancing Cat

2) Shake that Booty. Yes, you read that right too! There is a reason most girls put on music and dance around while doing their makeup before a date or a night out on the town. You are freeing your body by loosening up and dancing to the music. I know some of us dance pretty sexily in your bedrooms. I do it!  That is a good thing. Channel that feminine sexy energy that you feel when you are dancing. An Uber feminine women is someone who is completely comfortable in her own skin and dancing regularly will help you become your most feminine self!

3) Vulnerability is beautiful. Life can get hard and it can harden us women into closed off and harsh human beings. Learn that vulnerability is beautiful and to accept your flaws. Nobody is perfect. This step will probably be the hardest of them all. It takes time. Identify your flaws, try to work on the ones you can change and accept those that you cannot.

Manicured Hands

Manicured Hands

4) Dirty nails are a no no. Yes, I am sad to say you hear that one right. It sounds so superficial right? And it is in a way. BUT, I swear to god it will make you feel more feminine when you are CLEAN. This includes noooo dirt under your nails, manicured hands and feet and general tidy and clean hygiene and appearance.

5) Walk, talk and dress the part! All those things are first impression indicators of who you are. If you walk hard on your feet, have a deep voice, curse and dress in black goth clothing you are not going to be viewed as feminine. Instead, walk lightly on your feet with a sway to your hips that feels comfortable and authentic to you. Channel that dancing sexy vibe from step 2  for a more graceful and provocative demeanor while you walk. For those of you with a deep set voice, try to counter it will a bit more of a high pitched tone and softer sound. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it works. Watch some Marilyn Monroe films and listen to the sounds of her voice. And noooo cursing! This is the least feminine thing a girl could do. Nobody likes a potty mouth! And last but not least, you can feel more feminine with how you dress. Dress the part with some pink, purples and yellows. Light and bright colors are super feminine and will help set free the girlie girl in you!

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