Party Items for Thanksgiving

Let’s face it, there’s a lot to do to get ready for the holiday, so here are a couple fun party items for Thanksgiving that you can create to make a CUTEastic atmosphere in noooo time! And on the cheap of course!

photo (19)

1) Get super cute wine bottle bow ties and repurpose them as super cute napkin holders. Grab these at World Market for $3 in store and $9 online!

2) Garnish all your drinks with fresh cranberries. Sooo festive and you can throw them in any drink without them changing the flavor of your cocktail! Even throw them in some sparkling water! Too cute! Of course, finish it off with a fun paper straw.You can get both the paper straws and fresh cranberries at your local super market!

3) Have a little apothecary jar of orange rock candy. Super unique and brings you back to when you were a kid! Olive loves them! Also, a great candy bar decor item! Pick these babies up at any Party City!

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