Thanksgiving Party Shoes



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Wahoo! For select items, I will be doing a DIY or BUY offer! This means that you can either follow my DIY instructions for these Thanksgiving party shoes or you can simply BUY them and I will ship the flats right to your door! 


Click Here -$50

Please fill out the form with what size, color and quantity you want. Be sure to include a shipping address. I will send you a paypal invoice to your email and voila! You can sport these super cute and kitschy Thanksgiving party shoes.

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Now to DIY

       Buy plain orange, red or grey flats from H&M. Then, get felt acorn and squirrel cut outs from World Market. Both items are only sold in the stores. Next, take Weldbond glue , which is an industrial style adhesive and glue the acorns and squirrels to the top of your flats. Let them dry for a good hour before wearing. Your done!  Easy peasy! Super fab Thanksgiving party shoes in no time!

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