DIY Nail Polish


Spring is a big time for PARTIES, from weddings and bachelorettes to birthdays and reunions and you always want to make them  special and memorable. A  great way to do this is to whip up a signature color nail polish for your guests to take home or use at the party depending on the occasion. I love this DIY Nail Polish “recipe” for wedding shower gifts, as part of your bachelorette survival kits and even for your core group of girls to wear at a college reunion! Whether it’s the hot new color in all our favorite magazines or the perfect shade of pink that represents our favorite bridezilla, this DIY Nail Polish is sure to be a thoughtful hit!

1) Take a Mineral Based eye shadow or blush. I like e.l.f. mineral eye shadows and blushes. Mix and match like art class to get the shade you desire. Even add some glitter to fancy it up!


2) Take a clear base coat and mix it with a tablespoon of your signature mineral eye shadow or blush color or till you get the desired color. I usually pour the base coat out into a plastic cup and mix in the color slowly to make sure the two blend together smoothly.

Nail polish 2

3) Pour the color back into your base coat bottle and finish off with a cute personalized label! Just search for labels online, cut and past into word and write over the picture for an easy-peasy home made label! Paste the label onto the bottle with a glue stick and Voila. Your own signature nail color made in minutes.



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