Corn Dog DIY Costume

DIY Dog Costumes

DIY Dog Costumes- Corn Dog

Halloween is creepily creeping up on us and I want to provide you with an awesome DIY dog costume for you to make this holiday! We love our pooches but some of those store bought costumes are outrageously expensive. No worries my lovely ladies. The Hostess Handbook has you covered. Your dog will look FAB for less with this DIY dog costume!

I always like to do something kitschy, so I am going to show you how to make a corn dog outfit for Halloween. Literally a Corn and a Dog. We are going to make an ear of corn and put it on a dog for a super cute and unique costume that will get everyone barking! I featured this costume last time I went on Good Day LA and everyone was obsessed!

Corn Dog Costume

Corn Dog Costume

Here’s What Ya Do!

Materials you will need:

Green felt

White Ping Pong Balls

Yellow Spray Paint

Yellow foam sheets

Green Stalkings

Velcro Pieces

Hot Glue Gun


Gettin Down and Dirty:

You can buy everything at a Michaels Crafts Store except the green stalkings and ping pong balls. I picked up green stalkings at H&M on the cheap and grabbed some ping pong balls at Bevmo! This tutorial is for a small dog but can easily be adjusted for larger dogs!


1) Take your green stalkings and cut off the foot. Then, cut it again right below the knee area so you have about a piece or tube that is a foot in length. Cut out two holes for the dog’s legs and put it on your pooch like a tight fitting shirt! This will be the base of the costume!

Ear of Corn foam and leaf base

Ear of Corn foam and leaf base

2) To make the ear of corn, cut a rectangular piece of yellow foam 6 inches in length by 2 in width. Cut two leafs out of your green felt. Make sure they are about 7 inches in length to cover the ends of the yellow foam piece. Then, spray paint your ping pong balls yellow. Once dried, attach the ping pong balls to your yellow foam sheet with hot glue. You should be able to fit 2 ping pong balls across and five in length! Finally, attach your leaves to the sides of the yellow foam with hot glue. 

Yellow Ping Pong Balls

Yellow Ping Pong Balls

3) Take your ear of corn and attach a velcro piece to the bottom. Then, take another velcro piece and stick it on the green stalking base so the ear of corn will attach securely on your dogs back! 

Voila! You have a super fantastic DIY dog costume for Halloween!




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