Ugly Sweater Holiday Baking Party

Ugly Sweater Cookies

This holiday season I wanted to have some girlfriends over and do a good old baking party. BUT, I couldn’t just have your run of the mill snow flakes and Santa cookie cutters. Oh HO HO HO NO. I needed something really unique and super fun! I searched for a few hours and discovered these amazing Ugly Sweater cookie cutters from Etsy. How Fabtastic! These would truly make my baking party special and memorable! I immediately ordered a few cutters and sent my invites out!

Ugly Sweater Christmas Cookies

This party was such a hit and must be on your list for this holiday season!  Everyone had such a good time and loved the hipster twist on the time honored tradition of a baking party.  My guests really got into making the perfect designs and wanted to decorate multiple sweaters. It was also fun to see how everyone’s personalities came out in their individual cookies. I love this party idea because it’s super easy to pull together and does not take a lot of effort to clean up.

All you need are the Ugly Sweater cookie cutters from Etsy, a variety of cookie decorating accessories such as icing, pearl beads and sprinkles and sugar cookie mix! Also, no party is complete without some drinky drinks so try to make a fun punch,  such as Santa’s Strawberry Champagne Punch! This is easy peasy to make by using one bottle of champagne, one Skinny Girl Strawberry Lemonade (5 Calories) and slices of fresh strawberries. Serve with red and white stripped straws and you are good to go!

Classy Sweater Party

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