Re-purposed Egg Carton Flower Vase

eggAn egg carton can be found in almost anyone’s fridge and is disposed of without a second thought…until now! Let’s take this household staple and turn it on it’s head. From everyday Trash to everyday Fab.

I love this DIY project especially around Easter when you have a ton of cartons leftover from dying eggs for the holiday. You can take this “Trash” and make it into a super cute flower vase that has a shabby chic look and is SO eco-friendly. I suggest cutting the carton in half and doubling the amount of arrangements you can make. This DIY is also Fab for baby showers and spring weddings and allows for easy conversation across a decorated table.


- 1 egg carton cut into two halves (a scissor will easily cut through the soft cardboard)
- 12 small plastic pill cups to place in the individual egg sections.
- 6 coral roses and a bunch of greens. Try fresh dill and green wildflowers as your filler!

- Cut the egg carton in half. Take your pill cups and place them into the individual egg sections. If need be, cut down the tops of the pill cups so they sit just below the edge of the carton. You will fill these cups with water and then place the flowers in them. I like to place the roses at the corners of the carton and have the middle with a variety of greens. I like using fresh dill and green wildflowers as the filler!


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