DIY Diva- Re-purposed Cracked Mirror


I find a lot of discarded items outside of people’s homes; they may say trash, but I say treasure! In this DIY Diva , I will be taking a cracked antique mirror and turning it into a beautiful decorative tray. This item is perfect to place on a coffee table and brings a ton of personality to your home.

- 1 cracked antique mirror with wooden frame and back
- Rubber or generally protective gloves
- Mod Podge and application brush
- Newspaper, map or magazine clippings to decoupage
- Screwdriver if need be

- Put on your protective gloves to handle the cracked mirror and set aside an area that will allow for easy cleanup of any stray shards of glass. A garage is a perfect place for this. If the mirror is attached to the frame with nails use your screwdriver to remove them. Discard the glass immediately. Separate and use the wooden backing from the frame as your base for the tray. Make sure to clean it will a surface cleaner such as Method wood cleaner. Then, decoupage the wooden back with your desired clippings. I personally love using magazine clippings or subway maps. The London Tube system map is a great one! Once you have all your clippings ready, take your Mod Podge and brush and apply a thin layer to the wood and start placing your clippings on that base and then seal it with another layer of Mod Podge. Let it dry for a good hour and then screw the wooden base back onto the frame and you will have your decorative tray all ready to go! You can also screw on handles for a more classic tray look. I suggest getting some really unique handles from Anthropologie. Voila, from Trash to Fab in no time!

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