Dinner Party Essentials


The art of a good dinner party has never been so simple. There are so many super cute items that you can easily throw together to make an unforgettable experience that is uniquely your style! BUT, we are all busy bees so I have provided you with some of my favorite must have dinner party items so you can entertain easily and in style. Pick up a few of these pieces and you’ll be able to make your gatherings chic and memorable in minutes.

The Perfect Cocktail Glasses


Let’s face it, you are going to spend most of your time sipping back some delicious rose or a home made gimlet so you better have the perfect glasses for your guests. I love these delicate champagne glasses from Anthropologie. Use them for any cocktail and you will win the night!

Chic and Easy Table Setting


I love, love, love easy entertaining and these vintage paper placemats are the perfect item for someone who wants a chic look without the hassle! Personalize the placemats for an extra special and unique look! Roll them up at the end of the night and recycle. You can find these at Paper Source for $35.

Clever Centerpieces

I would never steer you away from a beautiful floral arrangement but let’s add some pizzazz to an old favorite. Here are a few ideas for simple and lovely centerpieces.





Silly Accessories

Paper Masks

I know we would all like to think that our charming personalities and delectable homemade meals would be enough to entertain our guests, but most people have an appetite for something more. I always like to have something on the table that guests can look through, play with, take pictures with etc. These vintage paper masks are a great little item to place around the table and have people try on, take pictures with and pretend for a moment that they are at some fabulous mascaraed ball. Are they not?

Mixology Trivia with Winning Prize


Shower them with gifts and they will come back every time – We all like a little gift now and again. As children weren’t we always winning prizes and getting little trinkets from our 90 year old Aunt Fanny’s? Well, let’s bring it back. I suggest that you put together trivia cards for everyone and play in between dinner and dessert. You can look up an array of trivia from dinner and cocktail themed games to current events.  Mixology is so hot right now and it is super fun to have a little trivia on cocktail ingredients. The winner gets a prize (a candle, kitchenware, bottle of wine) and everyone else is ready for the next dinner party where they will no doubt be the victorious one!

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