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Raggedy Ann


Here’s What Ya Do!




Hot glue gun




Step 1)

Cut 20 strips or red yarn. Each strip should be about a foot for a small dog. Depending on size, always go longer with the length of yarn at first and you can cut it shorter at the end. You want the length of “hair” to be a couple inches off the ground when your dog is wearing it.

Step 2)

Knot the 20 trips together and then split them into three sections and make a loose braid. You want it to be loose so you can easily make holes in the braid to go around your dog’s ear.

Step 3)

Cut 12 strips about an inch in length for the “bangs” and attach in the middle of the braid with your hot glue gun.

Step 4)

Attach your blue ribbons to the end of each side of the braid with your hot glue gun. Place it on your pooch and have a jolly old time with Raggedy Ann.