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DIY Glam Wedge Sneakers

DIY Glam Wedge Sneakers

DIY Glam Wedge Sneakers

 The wedge sneaker craze is super popular, but I still couldn’t find a pair that I really like. Whoa is me! So, I decided to take matters into my own hands, or feet, and created DIY glam wedge sneakers for only $70!

Art Deco Wedge Sneakers

Art Deco Wedge Sneakers

I wanted a shoe with some pizazz but not a pair that would break the bank! I headed to H&M and found a great sneaker base. Now, what would I do to jazz them up? I thought about feathers, glitter and even pipe cleaners. All bad choices. Very, very bad! Then, as I was walking through the H&M store, I discovered an art deco style necklace that would pair perfectly with the sneakers. Voila, I had found the missing link.

photo 3 (3)


Now, let’s put it all together! Actually, this project is super easy. All you need are your sneakers, two necklaces, a scissor and Weldbond glue. Take each necklace and cut the chain with a regular scissor leaving about two inches of chain on either side of the art deco triangles. String the necklace through the bottom shoe string holes and glue the chain on the inside of the sneaker. Next, secure the triangles to the sneaker by using Weldbond glue. Let your DIY glam wedge sneakers dry for about an hour before wearing them. Wahooo!! Totally amazing, super cuteastic, pizazzyy sneakers all for under $70!!!!!!!

DIY Glam Wedge Sneakers

DIY Glam Wedge Sneakers

Guacamole and Chips Made Fancy Pants

Fancy Guacamole and Chips

Entertaining this weekend? I wanted to give you a little nugget of food joy! A fancy pants way to display your guacamole and chips! Everyone loves this staple appetizer but, let’s face it, guacamole and chips is not the best looking dish. Until now!

Guacamole and Chips in Mini Margarita Cups

This guacamole and chips made fancy pants is super easy to prepare and will make a big splash at any gathering! All you need are plastic mini margarita glasses, your favorite guacamole recipe, and blue corn tortilla chips! You can easily find these cute mini margarita glasses at Party City for $8! Just place some corn chips in the back of the filled margarita glass and voila! You have an amazingly unique display for an otherwise boring guacamole and chips platter.


Baby Shower Statement Pieces

This past weekend I attended one of my good friends’ baby shower and it was beyond perfection and bliss! It was so my style…at home, intimate soiree that looked like it had jumped out of the pages of pinterest. Homemade yogurt parfaits in mason jars, DIY flower headband station, chalk board decor and doilies galore! But of course, you also have to have some statement pieces as well…and that’s where I come in!

Every baby shower NEEDS a FABtastic cake. For this reason, I left it to the cake gods and experts at The Butter End Cakery. Not only do their cakes look beyond beautiful and cute and classy and woweeeee but they also taste amazing. Hard to find my friends. Style and substance!

The Butter End Cakery- Baby Shower Elephant Cake

The Butter End Cakery- Baby Shower Elephant Cake

I cannot rave more about this cake…not only is it super adorable but it is VEGAN and DELICIOUS! If you ever need to have a vegan cake please please choose their carrot option. So Wonderful!


You also NEED to bring a gift to remember. So put on your DIY Diva gloves and grab your glue gun and go off the deep end!  The deep end of a Rubber Ducky Bubble Bath tub made out of diapers, that is. This is a great way to give the expecting parents some bath swag in a super unique way.

Rubber Ducky Tub Made Out of Diapers

Rubber Ducky Tub Made Out of Diapers

  • Simply start with a rectangular basket and wrap it with diapers.
  • Print out hot and cold nozzles to put on the end near your “faucet.”
  • Make your faucet by rolling the diapers and connecting with hot glue.
  • You can make water droplets out of blue foam and clear fishing wire!
  • Cotton balls make great bubbles.
  • Display your organic baby shampoo, bubble bath and ointment
  • Pepper with rubber duckies and other fun bath time toys

DIY DIVA: Personalized Ornaments

personalized ornaments

personalized ornaments

The holidays are a DIY Diva’s dream. So many presents to craft, so little time! I love all the fun ornaments that are around this time of year and found these great neon ones from Urban Outfitters! Super cute and trendy!

Picture 9

However, I decided to spruce these neon ornaments up a bit and create a special gift for our loved ones! All you need to get are the ornaments and some adhesive pearls from Paper Source!

adhesive pearls from Paper Source

adhesive pearls from Paper Source

All in all these personalized ornaments will cost $15 for a set of 6! Pretty budget friendly for a custom made look! Your family will DIY over this gift!

personalized ornaments

personalized ornaments

Corn Dog DIY Costume

DIY Dog Costumes

DIY Dog Costumes- Corn Dog

Halloween is creepily creeping up on us and I want to provide you with an awesome DIY dog costume for you to make this holiday! We love our pooches but some of those store bought costumes are outrageously expensive. No worries my lovely ladies. The Hostess Handbook has you covered. Your dog will look FAB for less with this DIY dog costume!

I always like to do something kitschy, so I am going to show you how to make a corn dog outfit for Halloween. Literally a Corn and a Dog. We are going to make an ear of corn and put it on a dog for a super cute and unique costume that will get everyone barking! I featured this costume last time I went on Good Day LA and everyone was obsessed!

Corn Dog Costume

Corn Dog Costume

Here’s What Ya Do!

Materials you will need:

Green felt

White Ping Pong Balls

Yellow Spray Paint

Yellow foam sheets

Green Stalkings

Velcro Pieces

Hot Glue Gun


Gettin Down and Dirty:

You can buy everything at a Michaels Crafts Store except the green stalkings and ping pong balls. I picked up green stalkings at H&M on the cheap and grabbed some ping pong balls at Bevmo! This tutorial is for a small dog but can easily be adjusted for larger dogs!


1) Take your green stalkings and cut off the foot. Then, cut it again right below the knee area so you have about a piece or tube that is a foot in length. Cut out two holes for the dog’s legs and put it on your pooch like a tight fitting shirt! This will be the base of the costume!

Ear of Corn foam and leaf base

Ear of Corn foam and leaf base

2) To make the ear of corn, cut a rectangular piece of yellow foam 6 inches in length by 2 in width. Cut two leafs out of your green felt. Make sure they are about 7 inches in length to cover the ends of the yellow foam piece. Then, spray paint your ping pong balls yellow. Once dried, attach the ping pong balls to your yellow foam sheet with hot glue. You should be able to fit 2 ping pong balls across and five in length! Finally, attach your leaves to the sides of the yellow foam with hot glue. 

Yellow Ping Pong Balls

Yellow Ping Pong Balls

3) Take your ear of corn and attach a velcro piece to the bottom. Then, take another velcro piece and stick it on the green stalking base so the ear of corn will attach securely on your dogs back! 

Voila! You have a super fantastic DIY dog costume for Halloween!




DIY Nail Polish


Spring is a big time for PARTIES, from weddings and bachelorettes to birthdays and reunions and you always want to make them  special and memorable. A  great way to do this is to whip up a signature color nail polish for your guests to take home or use at the party depending on the occasion. I love this DIY Nail Polish “recipe” for wedding shower gifts, as part of your bachelorette survival kits and even for your core group of girls to wear at a college reunion! Whether it’s the hot new color in all our favorite magazines or the perfect shade of pink that represents our favorite bridezilla, this DIY Nail Polish is sure to be a thoughtful hit!

1) Take a Mineral Based eye shadow or blush. I like e.l.f. mineral eye shadows and blushes. Mix and match like art class to get the shade you desire. Even add some glitter to fancy it up!


2) Take a clear base coat and mix it with a tablespoon of your signature mineral eye shadow or blush color or till you get the desired color. I usually pour the base coat out into a plastic cup and mix in the color slowly to make sure the two blend together smoothly.

Nail polish 2

3) Pour the color back into your base coat bottle and finish off with a cute personalized label! Just search for labels online, cut and past into word and write over the picture for an easy-peasy home made label! Paste the label onto the bottle with a glue stick and Voila. Your own signature nail color made in minutes.



Bud Vases with Dyed Peonies

Dyed Peonies

Dyed Peonies

I have a big obsession with dying flowers at the moment and I just love how a trio of bud vases look, soooo, I decided to show you all how-to create a wonderful display of bud vases with dyed peonies! I bought these cute spice holders at World Market for around $10 and have had them displayed in my kitchen for god knows how long. Well, as I was dying my peonies, I thought wouldn’t those storage jars make for cute bud vases? Voila! Always look for new ways to use what you already have! You will be surprised at how many household items make for awesome vases. Maybe empty spice jars or candle holders? Now, lets get into the nitty gritty of this DIY Diva project!

How-To: Dyed Peonies

Blue Dyed Peonies

Blue Dyed Peonies

You are going to be shocked at how easy it is to make these dyed peonies! Simply, cut the stem in half up the middle and put the two sides in blue food dye with a couple drops of water. The stems will begin to suck up the blue food dye and about three hours later you will have your finished product.

Food Dye

Food Dye

Prop the flower upright with tape! Sometimes, I prop the flower up next to my toaster oven. It’s off of course! I like to use little plastic cups for the food dye that you can get at Smart and Final for super cheap! Food dye you can get at any market! 

Bud Vases

Spice Jars

Spice Jars

Take your containers and put one full flower in each. I like to set up the display in a straight line and use only one dyed flower so it really pops! Voila! You have a Cuteastic display of bud vases with dyed peonies! 


Send me your pictures

Are you a DIY Diva? Send me your pictures of unique bud vase flower displays for summer and be featured on The Hostess Handbook! Wahoooo!

Holiday Doggie Santa Hat


Its so fun to dress up your dog for the holidays but it can get pretty expensive! DIY Diva to the rescue! No more $40 costumes for our pooches. This DIY holiday doggie Santa hat can be made for under $10! Wahoo! My baby Olive looks like a sleeping gnome!

Santa’s Hat



This holiday doggie Santa hat is a super cute accessory for your dog for the holidays. Perfect for all the family pictures and super easy to make. Simply take a regular Santa hat and cut the 1/3 top of it off making a “mini” hat. Then, re-purpose it by taking a strip of the white brim and pasting it to the mini hat to make it look like a regular sized Santa’s hat.

Straws inside to hold up the hat like a tent!

Straws inside to hold up the hat like a tent!

Finally, put a straw in each side of the hat to make it sturdy and stand on top of the dogs head. Fasten the hat to your dogs head by glueing ribbon to each side of the hat to make traps and fasten the two straps around your dogs head with velcro! Voila. Doggie Holiday Flair!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Wacky Wednesday: Must Have Christmas Party Items

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Everyone is gearing up for Christmas parties and there are a couple must have Christmas party items that will set your party apart from the reindeer pack! You always want to have a couple wacky and fun elements to start a buzz!

LIVE Christmas Carolers

LIVE Christmas Carolers

1) LIVE Christmas Carolers! I had my holiday party last weekend and my boyfriend and I decided to hire an a cappella group to come and perform our favorite christmas songs. Dressed in full garb of course. It was sooo magical and wonderful and amazing and FABBBBB!!!! You must must get Christmas carolers for your party. So unique! My advice…have them come and perform for 30 minutes as a special attraction in the middle of your party. Everyone will love it! Check out The Jollys a cappella group for your party!

2) Wear The Cutest Ugly Sweater! Call me crazy, or wacky but the best DIY ugly sweater can be made from a festive vacuum cover. YUP! All you do is cut a hole in the top for your head to stick through and have your body act like the “vacuum.” You basically turn the cover into a shirt. Maybe you already have a vacuum cover you can repurpose at home!

Conversation Cocktail Napkins

Conversation Cocktail Napkins

3) Conversation Cocktail Napkins. Get the party started and people chatting with fun party accessories like these cocktail napkins. They are useful and double as kitschy decor! Get them now from World Market on SALE for $3.74!

Picture 11

DIY Diva: Holiday Doggie Flair

Bow Tie Dog Harness!

Bow Tie Dog Harness!

Everybody puts on their Sunday best around the holidays and your dogs should be no different. However, costumes can be very expensive soooo I created some holiday doggie flair for less! All you need to do is take a harness or collar and sew these cute wine bottle bows ties onto them. I found the bows at World Market on sale for less than $3! Wahooo. I like these bows because they are big and sturdy and can easily be washed. Pups always seem to get into something dirty! Now, I sewed the bows onto Olive’s collar but you could also take a strong fabric glue  if you really don’t want to get out a needle and thread! I love this project because its super easy, so on your budget and creates some cuteastic holiday doggie flair! Enjoy and please share your holiday doggie flair photos with us in the comment section below!

Party Items for Thanksgiving

Let’s face it, there’s a lot to do to get ready for the holiday, so here are a couple fun party items for Thanksgiving that you can create to make a CUTEastic atmosphere in noooo time! And on the cheap of course!

photo (19)

1) Get super cute wine bottle bow ties and repurpose them as super cute napkin holders. Grab these at World Market for $3 in store and $9 online!

2) Garnish all your drinks with fresh cranberries. Sooo festive and you can throw them in any drink without them changing the flavor of your cocktail! Even throw them in some sparkling water! Too cute! Of course, finish it off with a fun paper straw.You can get both the paper straws and fresh cranberries at your local super market!

3) Have a little apothecary jar of orange rock candy. Super unique and brings you back to when you were a kid! Olive loves them! Also, a great candy bar decor item! Pick these babies up at any Party City!

Thanksgiving Dumplings

               Butternut Squash, Sage and Walnut Dumplings with Cranberry Soy Dipping Sauce

Butternut Squash, Sage and Walnut Dumplings with Cranberry Soy Dipping Sauce

These Thanksgiving dumplings look so good and professional that even my own sister thought I didn’t make them! However, I did whip these bad boys up and so can you! They are super easy to make and everyone will be so impressed by your culinary expertise! Your guests will be DIYing over these butternut squash, sage and walnut dumplings with a cranberry and soy dipping sauce. My mouth is watering already!


I love these dumplings because they are so unique and they mold together two of my favorite things…Chinese food and Thanksgiving food. I give thanks for that! I just love serving one dish at the holidays that is kitschy and out of the ordinary. These Thanksgiving dumplings will certainly stand out! 

Butternut Squash, Sage and Walnut Dumplings

with Cranberry Soy Dipping Sauce

photo 2 (4)

Ingredients: Serving (5 pieces)

1 Tablespoon butter

1/2 Cup chopped raw butternut squash (small cubes)

1/3 cup of chopped walnuts

2 Chopped fresh large sage leaves

Pre-made round dumpling wraps (buy at any supermarket)

Dash of Nutmeg to taste

Salt to taste

vegetable oil

Butternut Squash, sage and walnut dumplings with cranberry soy dipping sauce

Butternut Squash, sage and walnut dumplings with cranberry soy dipping sauce



Saute the butternut squash, sage and walnuts in the butter until the squash is soft. Then, lay out your round dumpling wraps and put a small portion of the squash sage and walnut mixture in the middle. Dab a little water around the outer ring of the dumpling wrapper and then fold over into a half moon and seal the casing by pressing down with your fingers or a fork. I like to use a fork because the indents make the dumpling look more professional. Finally, put vegetable oil in a medium pan to fry the dumplings. There should be a thin layer of vegetable oil at the bottom of the pan. Make sure the oil is hot before dropping the dumplings inside. They will fry up extremely quickly, literally drop the dumplings in the pan to fry for only ten seconds on each side. Voila! Thanksgiving dumplings that are super to be a hit!

Dipping Sauce:

Mix 2 Tablespoons of chunky cranberry sauce (whichever kind you prefer) with 2 teaspoons of soy sauce and a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar to taste.

Thanksgiving Party Shoes



photo 1 (1)


Wahoo! For select items, I will be doing a DIY or BUY offer! This means that you can either follow my DIY instructions for these Thanksgiving party shoes or you can simply BUY them and I will ship the flats right to your door! 


Click Here -$50

Please fill out the form with what size, color and quantity you want. Be sure to include a shipping address. I will send you a paypal invoice to your email and voila! You can sport these super cute and kitschy Thanksgiving party shoes.

photo 2 (1)

Now to DIY

       Buy plain orange, red or grey flats from H&M. Then, get felt acorn and squirrel cut outs from World Market. Both items are only sold in the stores. Next, take Weldbond glue , which is an industrial style adhesive and glue the acorns and squirrels to the top of your flats. Let them dry for a good hour before wearing. Your done!  Easy peasy! Super fab Thanksgiving party shoes in no time!

DIY Pinecone Flower Vase

Pine Cone Flower Vase

Pine Cone Flower Vase

Fall is one of my favorite times of year, with all the fresh scents of pine cones and rich colors of changing leaves. To bring some of that joy inside the home and get into the Thanksgiving spirit, let’s make some fab diy pine cone flower vases. These babies are super easy to make and look wonderful around the house. They are oh so rustic chic and would be great as part of a centerpiece for all your holiday entertaining. 

Pine Cone Flower Vase

Pine Cone Flower Vase

Here’s What Ya Do:


Large pine cones

Tall glass tumblers

X Actor knife or Scissors

Hot glue gun




Take a large pine cone and cut off the individual “leaves.” Glue the leaves around the glass tumbler, re-creating the shape of the natural pine cone on the glass. You want it to look as though the glass is coming out of the center of the pine cone. Glue on three strips of pine cones starting with the highest level and working down to the bottom so the leaves can easily fan out! Stick some flowers in there and you have a wonderful diy pine cone flower vase.

5 Ways to Feel More Feminine

1950's Housewife

1950′s Housewife

As life and work and kids get more hectic, sometimes a girl can be left feeling a little strung out and missing her beautiful/feminine side. It happens to all of us. Life is hard. So lets take some steps to get back to our beautiful and confident selves. You will feel more feminine in no time!

1) Smile. Yup, you read that right! Smile at least ten times a day. Making an effort to smile and bring positive energy into your everyday life will lighten your mood. This will make you feel better, look better and get into a more feminine state of being and of happiness.

Dancing Cat

Dancing Cat

2) Shake that Booty. Yes, you read that right too! There is a reason most girls put on music and dance around while doing their makeup before a date or a night out on the town. You are freeing your body by loosening up and dancing to the music. I know some of us dance pretty sexily in your bedrooms. I do it!  That is a good thing. Channel that feminine sexy energy that you feel when you are dancing. An Uber feminine women is someone who is completely comfortable in her own skin and dancing regularly will help you become your most feminine self!

3) Vulnerability is beautiful. Life can get hard and it can harden us women into closed off and harsh human beings. Learn that vulnerability is beautiful and to accept your flaws. Nobody is perfect. This step will probably be the hardest of them all. It takes time. Identify your flaws, try to work on the ones you can change and accept those that you cannot.

Manicured Hands

Manicured Hands

4) Dirty nails are a no no. Yes, I am sad to say you hear that one right. It sounds so superficial right? And it is in a way. BUT, I swear to god it will make you feel more feminine when you are CLEAN. This includes noooo dirt under your nails, manicured hands and feet and general tidy and clean hygiene and appearance.

5) Walk, talk and dress the part! All those things are first impression indicators of who you are. If you walk hard on your feet, have a deep voice, curse and dress in black goth clothing you are not going to be viewed as feminine. Instead, walk lightly on your feet with a sway to your hips that feels comfortable and authentic to you. Channel that dancing sexy vibe from step 2  for a more graceful and provocative demeanor while you walk. For those of you with a deep set voice, try to counter it will a bit more of a high pitched tone and softer sound. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it works. Watch some Marilyn Monroe films and listen to the sounds of her voice. And noooo cursing! This is the least feminine thing a girl could do. Nobody likes a potty mouth! And last but not least, you can feel more feminine with how you dress. Dress the part with some pink, purples and yellows. Light and bright colors are super feminine and will help set free the girlie girl in you!

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