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C Wonder Decorative Plates

Ikat Giraffe Plate-$38.00

You know I love, love, love interior design and unique accents and these C Wonder decorative plates are just the thing that gets me excited. First off, love animals. Second off, love bright colors. Third off, love funky patterns!

Black and White Elephant Plate- $38.00

These plates are a great summer housewarming or hostess gift for your friends. It really is something special and unique. I would love getting one of these for my apartment as an accent on my coffee or entry way table. The C Wonder decorative plates are very bold and can really help to set the mood of a room.

Black and White Zebra Plate- $38.00

These plates are a bit pricey for any old hostess gift so keep this in mind for a good friend or someone special!  They will love them! My favs are the Giraffe and Elephant! What are your favorites out of this selection?

Faux Pas Bistro

I reviewed Faux Pas Bistro a couple months back and I am happy to say they recently started doing brunch and it is FABtastic. I love the airy feel of the restaurant with one entire wall open to the street! It has a classic french bistro feel with out being stuffy.

Now, lets get down to the good stuff! Bloody Mary Me!!! There signature Bloody Mary has the perfect amount of spice and a thick piece of bacon along with olives and other pickles veggies. Super unique and YUMmazing

Faux Pas Bistro has a wonderful eggs benedict and to die for thick, uber crispy breakfast potatoes! If you feel like more of the lunch side of brunch, I would do their huge and juicy cheeseburger! It’s one of the best in the city!

Gather a couple girlfriends and do a boozy brunch this weekend at Faux Pas! Make sure to have some french pressed coffee too! You won’t be disappointed!

Party on a Budget

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Fred’s Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers

The Hostess Handbook is so in love with unique hostess gifts! These Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers are amazing and a perfect gift for a guy. Also, great for your dad and your music loving friends. Having a Grammy party? These would be a FABtastic touch! They are also so on your budget at $8.43!

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Carrot Utensils

Hello all my lovely ladies! Hope you’re having a good Monday morning and your DIY Diva is itching to come out! Today, I bring you a super cute dinner party idea! Carrot Utensils! Yup, The Hostess Handbook is getting cray cray!  These carrot utensils are perfect for a country chic party or kids and mommy get together! These bundles are best displayed in a group for a buffet in some sort of rustic can or basket! A whole bunch of “carrots”! How cute!

These carrot utensils are so unique and will make a huge hit at your next bash! So simple, so FABtastic!

Take green utensils, orange square napkins and green pipe cleaners. Wrap the green utensils like a cone with the orange napkin.

Fold the edge of the left flap in so that its tucked away in the back, making a smooth front!

Secure the napkin with a multi color green “Carrot shoot” napkin wing! Fold and twist the pipe cleaners to add more depth and texture to the carrot!


What Not to do on a Date

I am proud to announce a new feature on The Hostess Handbook!  My knowledgeable bestie, Rebecca Pollack , will be guiding all of you in lessons on “The Opposite of Etiquette.” Get ready for embarrassing stories, bizarre tips and outlandish mantras in the world of  women’s etiquette. A New type of Ladies Home Journal! Enjoy our first feature: What Not to Do on a Date! 

When my friends introduced me to Noah, I knew I liked him from the start. We had an obvious connection. Unfortunately for me, Noah had a girlfriend. We saw each other a few times, at social gatherings and large parties and casually stayed in touch. A few months later, Noah and his girlfriend split up and he asked me out! I was ecstatic and nervous!! We agreed to meet in a quirky neighborhood, a little ways out from the city and decided that he would drive me home after dinner.

The date was wonderful. We went to a small and intimate restaurant, where we shared dinner and had a few drinks. I was so excited to finally be out with Noah! I was wearing a cute black dress and really enjoying myself. Mostly, I was looking forward to him “taking me home…!

When we got to the car, we realized that neither of us really knew how to get back to my house. Noah figured he could retrace his steps and eventually figure out how to get to my place. This is when I realized that I really needed to pee. I took a moment to consult my iPhone and tried to map a route back. Noah was talking a mile a minute, as I tried to figure out which direction he was planning to go.

As Noah babbled on and on about his family and genealogy, I felt us getting more and more lost. I finally spoke up. “Do you know where you’re going?” Noah looked me square in the face, “No! I’m waiting for you to give me directions.” At this point, we were really lost and in what I can only refer to as a bad neighborhood. Now I REALLLY have to pee. “Do you think there’s anyplace to stop around here? I really need to go to the bathroom.” I admit. “Around here?” says Noah. “I doubt it!” We drive in a few more circles, as Noah continues to tell me about his estranged uncle who reappeared after 45 years. “Really. I need to pee!” I almost yell at him. Noah- now he gets it. We drive a few blocks, reading every sign. “Laundromat, liquor store, another liquor store, check cashing”… “A gas station!” I yell and instruct Noah to pull in.

I jump out of the car and try a door- locked. I hurry to the front entrance and pull open the glass. Hopefully they have a bathroom inside. The station is desolate. There are a few feet of space, before the bulletproof walls begin. Three solid pieces of wall separate the station from the customers. This is not a friendly place and there is not a single person behind the glass. Hurrying back to the car, Noah points out a supermarket- “try there!,” he yells to me through the window. There are three storefronts separating me from this savior supermarket. I pass a Laundromat with the metal doors shut tight. A small bakery looks that dark and eerie. Last stop is a fried chicken restaurant- serving Island Specialties. “This is IT!” I think to myself. The restaurant looks large and fairly busy. There must be a bathroom here! As I step through the front door, I realize I am awfully mistaken. The large space has several booths- all of them empty. A small register is totally encased in plexiglass, protecting the cashier and whatever profits this business brings in. Beside the plexiglass, is what looks like a jail cell- a large metal door that most definitely is not open to the public. I look around in horror, and realize I will not make it further than this point. As I step outside, into the summer evening, the sun still shining down, I feel my bladder give up. I am already peeing.

Standing on the doorstep of Island Specialties, I am fully peeing in my pants. The moisture drips down my legs as the sun beats on my face and cars whiz by. A puddle is forming at my sandals, as I stand casually on the doorstep of this horror story- too dumbstruck and stunned to move. “If anyone even looks at me, I will tell them my water broke!” I think to myself, appalled that I standing here peeing in the street in public and broad daylight.

I scurry back to Noah, waiting innocently in the car. As I approach, he looks at me and puts is thumb up, then down. He wants a status report. I respond- thumbs down. I approach the open window at the passenger’s side. “What happened?!” he asks. “I peed on the welcome mat at the fried chicken place.” He stares at me. “Yes, I just stood there and peed.” Noah seems to get it and hands me a blanket from the back seat of his car. I wipe down my legs and feet. Standing in the middle of the same bulletproof gas station we started at, I pull off my underwear and tuck them into a nearby trashcan. Noah materializes a pair of his pants and passes them to me. I slip the pants under my dress and get into the car.

The trip back to my house is a blur. Noah tried to reassure me several times- “things happen,” “it’s no big deal,” “I had a friend in high school who used to have to pee every 20 minutes, then he turned out to have a tumor!.” “Don’t worry,” he continues to reassure me. “I won’t tell our friends about this.”

I was still humiliated. “What will you tell your roommate when you walk in with my pants on?” he asks nervously. “I’ll tell her what happened!” I laugh.

Top Picks From Zara Sale

The Perfect Party Dress

Top Picks from Zara Sale

Holler at your girl! Meaning Zara is your girl and you’re yelling because you’re just so excited about their sale that is on right now! To make life easier and supply you with your party dresses, I have compiled a list of my favorite dresses on sale now at Zara! These choices are great for summer and so on your Budget! 

Top Picks From Zara Sale

Draped Waist Dress- $49.99

Sheer Dress with Contrast- $39.99

Sequined Asymmetric Dress- $69.99

Lace Tulip Dress-$49.99

DIY Diva Party Video

Hostess Handbook Exclusive

DIY Diva Party Video


          Check out a video from one of the many DIY Parties I host around town!

Next Party July 29th! Co-Hosted with Eventbrite LA!


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Pasta Decor

Tasty Tip

Pasta Decor

The Hostess Handbook is so obsessed with using apothecary jars for decor! A lot of displays use candy or lemons in the jars, but we are taking it one step further. Pasta! Why not? How awesome is it for the kitchen?

(Swap Candy for Nest Pasta)

These egg pasta nests are the perfect shape and size to fill an apothecary jar!  The Hostess Handbook suggests mixing green and yellow to break up the color and add more texture! Place in the kitchen and voila! You have created a unique decor item!

Villains Tavern

Party Like a Rock Star

Villains Tavern

This weekend I wanted to suggest an oldie but a goodie. Villains TavernAnd by old, I mean it opened in 2010 but with our two second attention span one can tend to forget. Villains Tavern is a world unto its own. You are transported back in time by the gothic decor and an array of glass medicine bottles filling the entry way. Expect your drinks from mixologists who whip up bloody good  cocktails and serve them in mason jars. LOVE. Get dressed up swanky style to feel more at home and heighten the experience!

Tucked away in downtown LA amongst decrepit  factories, one feels like a Villain in night sneaking into a hidden hideout! Once inside, sounds from the blues and folk bands can be heard and smells from popular dishes such as the bourbon/carmel/bacon popcorn fill the air. One of the best things about Villains Tavern is the food! If you are going to venture downtown, make a whole night of it and arrive early to get some YUMmazing grub!

1356 Palmetto St

DIY Flower Power Party

DIY Diva

Flower Power Party

 I had so much fun at my DIY Flower Power Party this past Sunday. I taught people how to make unique flower arrangements on a budget while drinking beer and having a merry old time! I paired with the website Life Crowd to throw this wonderful event and it really was such a great day. A total “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” Sunday Funday! Check out the pictures from the event at Rolling Greens in WEHO.

I am starting to do private parties! Wahoo!  E-mail me for a DIY Diva Party. Great for bachelorette, birthday, graduation and “girls just wanna have fun” parties!



Kikkerland Cheers Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hostess Gift

Kikkerland Cheers Salt and Pepper Shakers

These Kikkerland Cheers Salt and Pepper Shakers are such a great hostess gift for the wino in your life! The next time you go to a party you have to bring these along for you gift! So much cuter than flowers and something that can be used over and over again. I just love finding things that are unique and not your usual hostess gift like wine and flowers. These kikkerland cheers salt and pepper shakers are only $11.00 for all my budgeting babes!

                                                                Buy Here

Kitschy Drink Markers

DIY Diva

Kitschy Drink Markers

 The best thing about holiday parties is that you can show off all your DIY creations like these kitschy drink markers. I featured them a couple of weeks ago on the site and then brought the labels and some fun margarita cups to a 4th of July party this past weekend and they were a big hit! Everyone loved picking out which drunk “type” they were and sporting their “signature”  label proudly! I suggest you make these for one of your next parties and pair them with fun cups like shown!

All you need are sticky-tab labels and a sharpie! Write cute phrases on the sticky tabs and attach them to fun cups to make these kitschy drink markers! Super easy, budget friendly, amazingly FABtastic!

The Hostess Handbook would like to thank my lovely model Alison Schouten!

Flower Power Party

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Flower Power Party


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Would LOVE to see you all on Sunday! Wahoo!



Reverse Heart Back Cutout Dress

The Perfect Party Dress

Reverse Heart Back Cutout Dress

I am a sucker for hearts and bows! There! I said it! I am beyond excited about our Perfect Party Dress pic this week because it is so super cute and incorporates a heart! DUH! Urban Outfitters you have done it again!

Now, this reverse heart back cutout dress is beyond FAB but it is also best suited for the girl who has no boobies. You know you watch these girls and wish you too didn’t have to wear a bra and could frolic freely. Well, here are your solutions cause this dress is too cute to pass up for all my big boobed girls! Either get pasties or rock a colorful bando and make it work! The Hostess Handbook is in love!

This reverse heart back cutout dress comes in a variety colors and patterns. These two choices are my favorite and perfect for either day or night!

This perfect party dress will run you $69.00

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