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DIY Diva- Banister Display!

“Floating” displays are so in right now and really simple to do yourself. Be a DIY Diva! The Hostess Handbook suggests you use glass balls and fill the globes with budget items such as fresh cranberries, instead of flowers!

Here, I have taken three glass balls and hung them from a banister with fishing wire!

Inside two of the globes are fresh cranberries and a tea light. The other globe is filled with glitter branches/ornaments and flameless candle!

If you want to add another element to the design you can place mercury glass candle holders with tea lights under the globes!

Favorite Things From Last Week!

Lets re-cap my favorite things featured on The Hostess Handbook this past week!

1. Mini Pink Champagne Cans make the perfect holiday gift! Unique, cheap and too cute to boot!

2. A beer bottle and fresh cranberry display is a simple DIY Decor idea for the holidays that will spark conversation!

These honey-roasted cashews with lime and chilli are Yummmazing and easy to make for a dinner party!



Flower Power: Fall Beer Bottle Decor

When you want to make something special but don’t have the money to drop, you have to get creative. Most of us young, broke and fabulous people do not have three matching flower vases to make a uniform display. No problem! Improvise! Beer bottles serve as great vases! Soak the bottles in water for about ten minutes so that the labels come off easily and with no glue residue.

Arrange whatever flowers you like most in the bottles. Remember to create levels with your greenery and flowers. Cut some longer and some shorter for depth and texture! Cat-tails, featured in the middle bottle, are cheap and very “fall!” The Hostess Handbook suggests you use them to add some uniqueness to the decor. You do not need a lot of flowers for this display nor do they have to be expensive. The flowers and greenery shown are about $7!

Add a finishing touch by setting the bottles in cranberries! This adds color, texture and brings the whole piece together!