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Alfred Coffee Shop


Alfred Coffee Shop

The long anticipated opening of Alfred Coffee shop has arrived! This Melrose Place neighborhood spot fulfills all of our dreams. As one of the locals, I have been waiting for this boutique coffee shop and am glad to see that I am beyond impressed with its selection of  Stumptown coffee delectable pastries and homey decor! Everything you want in a coffee shop to call your own!

Eater LA- Elizabeth Daniels

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner who took me through his favorite selections, among them are the sour cherry and chocolate scones. YUMmazing! That will have to become a staple of my diet! Another must try item is the Stumptown iced coffee. Take it on the road with you with this bottled drink that is made by “cold brew,” not poured over ice and then watered down! You get the full caffeine affect!

Now, here comes the most exciting part for me! Obvi, I love throwing my DIY parties and so I asked if the owner would be open to allowing people to have parties in the space after hours and he is Down! Wahoo. It is a perfect atmosphere for a low key party, opening, comedy show, neighborhood music venue!

To inquire about gatherings at Alfred Coffee Shop please e-mail

Candy and Wine Tasting

I am in love with this wine bar on sunset and so happy to announce their Halloween candy and wine tasting! What a fun and unique activity for Halloween! This is a perfect date spot and alternative to the crazy Halloween rush. You can also get the weekend started with the candy and wine tasting and gear up for the celebrations on Saturday! Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

You can also take this idea and throw your own candy and wine party. Thats what I would do!

Boucherie New Orleans

(From Dining Diary- Boucherie new orleans Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding)

I am currently in New Orleans visiting friends and soaking up the big easy culture! It is such a FABtastic city with so much great music, architecture and food, food, food! Did I mention food? If you visit New Orleans, you have to come to terms with the fact that you are going to gain 10 pounds. And you’ll love every minute of it.

My friend took me to the restaurant Boucherie, which is a tucked away neighborhood place located in a quirky cottage! It is filled with foodies and friendly staff that gush about every delicious dish. Ohh boy was everything good! My favorite dish was actually a special. Duck over grilled bread with a roasted brussel sprout salad on top! Wahoo! The duck was moist and had a rich flavor which paired perfectly with a refreshing salad on top!

Next we had “Boudin Balls,” which are a southern specialty made with cajun style pork sausage and dirty rice. They make a ball out of those ingredients and then deep fry it. Boucherie serves these balls with a wonderful garlic aioli! YUMmazing! Also, don’t miss the Applewood smoked scallops with plantain chips and Krispy Kreme bread pudding. Yup, it is made out of Krispy Kreme donuts. To die!

Lets not forget out cocktails ladies! I suggest the carrot cilantro margarita! How unique is that? The carrot juice with a splash of lime pairs perfectly with the blanco tequila! FAB! I had such a great experience and think this is a must stop shop!

Boucherie New Orleans

8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, 70118

The Dog Bar

This week I met with a friend of mine who told me about The Dog Bar! It was basically the first thing out of his mouth, cause lets face it, going to a Dog Bar is pretty FABtastic! My friend had such a great time at the bar and said it was such a blast and a wonderfully unique atmosphere. Of course, I had to share this find with all of you!

 What is the Dog Bar? Well, exactly what it says. A bar made for dogs! And their parents of course! The Dog Bar is located in the NODA district of Charlotte NC and is a a fully enclosed and shaded indoor/outdoor bar! It is a neighborhood spot for dog lovers to unite, people to catch up and for dogs to run wild. Well, don’t worry, not too wild. Only the best behaved/friendliest dogs are allowed so people can relax and let their doggies off leash without worrying!

I love that The Dog Bar hosts human and animal birthday parties! How fun would it be to celebrate your pootches b-day in style at a bar with other animal lovers? There are tons of specialty beers, wine and liquor for patrons as well! Sorry, my Dining Divas but they do not serve food at the Dog Bar. Butttt, don’t fret my pet, the bar has tons of take out menus from surrounding restaurants for you to order food from!

(Love the Dog Bone Backs of the chairs)

We need to petition to get one of these bars in LA! I searched around and did not have much luck finding a bar like this in LA. However, I did find The Fat Dog in WEHO on Fairfax. It is a bar that has clever canine inspired cocktails and food and an out door patio where dogs are welcome. No off leash area but tons of dogs and their owners gather to mingle and have fun!

Do you know of a fun Dog Bar in LA? Let us know!

Scarlett Begonia

Brunching it is one of my favorite things and on a recent visit to Santa Barbara, I came across Scarlett Begonia and fell in love! The food is incredible and unique, with shrimp and grits on the the menu as a breakfast dish, and the atmosphere is to die.

I felt like I was transported to a courtyard in europe in this little hideaway off State Street.

Their granola is YUMazing and made in house! It has a great crunch to it and pairs perfectly with the berries and yogurt it is served with! Their brioche salmon plate with creme fraiche is also a winner and must have if you like salmon! They boast their local, organic produce and you can really taste how fresh everything is.

It is the perfect place to bring family or go on a date! Its romantic while being fun, airy and not pretentious! I can’t wait to go back there again! Definitely try it next time you go up to Santa Barbara!

Scarlett Begonia!

11 West Victoria Street #10   

Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Osteria Drago

(Seared Tuna with pesto and green beans- YUMmazing)

I went to Osteria Drago on the Sunset strip this week for a girlfriend’s birthday and fell in love! The italian fare is spectacular and the atmosphere is intimate yet upbeat! The best seat in the house is definitely outside with the beautiful flower filled window boxes. This is a great date night place or restaurant to take family when visiting LA! Your parents won’t complain that its too loud!

The best dish I had was the seafood pasta! This is a bold statement so listen up: Best Seafood Pasta Ever! Yup, I said it! Of, course I had to ask the chef what his secret ingredient is and he actually told me. A mix of indian spices that has curry, cardamom and cinnamon! This makes a wonderfully unique tomato sauce that pairs perfectly with the seafood! You have to order this dish!

Another winner was the grilled salmon! Can you tell that my friends and I are fish people? This dish was light and flavorful with a crispy skin and plump tomatoes. YUMazing!

Dessert was just as good as the main courses! Try the Greek yogurt Panna Cotta with cherries. A nice change from the traditional panna cotta and I like to think much healthier for you. Probably not but if that gets you to order dessert, go with it!

I give the restaurant a rave review!  Check it out next time you want damn good italian!

Osteria Drago

8741 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Telephone: 310.657.1182
Fax: 310.657.3573