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DIY Sugar and Salt Scrubs

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Good morning everyone! Mothers Day is fast approaching and before you know it you’ll be running to CVS  for a random something before brunch with the family. Not this year! Instead, lets do something special and make DIY sugar and salt scrubs. It is soooo easy and cheap-tastic to make this gift and it looks and feels super fab! Not to mention, all mothers love a little relaxation and they will greatly appreciate this gem! Legit, all you need to do to DIY sugar and salt scrubs is use two ingredients, a Ball jar and a chalk paint label!


Here is how its done

Sugar Scrub

2 parts cane sugar, 1 part coconut oil

Salt Scrub

2 parts table salt, 1 part coconut oil

 Here are some helpful hints: You can substitute coconut oil for olive oil or baby oil if you prefer! Also, I always use a white paint pen on chalk labels and chalk paint because it gives the same affect and looks a lot neater!  It is hard to make a small label look nice using chalk because the chalk piece is so wide. Add a bow to your jar, and voila! Super cute DIY sugar and salt scrubs for Mothers Day!

Toothpick Flowers

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Spring has sprung and summer will be here before you know it so I wanted to do a floral DIY project for entertaining this season! These toothpick flowers are super easy to make and look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. Yup, these flowers are cheap to make and look great with any appetizers you might be serving up at your garden and pool parties! Here is how you make em! 


You Will Need:

Tooth picks

Green Forks

A hot glue gun

Pink napkins or cupcake holders


Cut a strip from your pink napkin and glue the end to the top of your toothpick and then twirl the napkin pieces around the toothpick spiraling downward.


Then, cut two diamond shapes out of the pink napkin and glue them to either side of the flower for the large outer “petals.”


Cut the tongs of your green forks to make the “leaves” of the flower and attach them with your hot glue! I suggest cutting them in varying lengths to create more depth to the look of the flower!


Display the toothpick flowers in your appetizers for a fun summer look!


Valentines Day Centerpiece

 Valentines Day Centerpiece

Candy hearts are a classic Valentines day treat and one that is perfect for decor! They actually seem to be creeping up everywhere. Even on chinese take out boxes! These mini boxes are available at World Market and make the perfect base for flower arrangements. Pair those boxes with some cute pink and white striped candles enclosed in a candy heart rectangle and you have wonderfully unique and romantic valentines day centerpiece!

First, cut a circle out of the top of the chinese take out boxes and secure the flaps with double sided tape! Place a shot glass in the box for 4 mini pink roses to sit in. Set them in the box so they are bursting out of the whole! You can add some greens to the center box to create some depth and texture and break up the flower design of the entire centerpiece! You don’t want all three box arrangements looking the same!

Then, place candles between the take out boxes in a line and finish it off with surrounding the candles and take out boxes with candy hearts! Super cute and so easy! The perfect Valentines Day centerpiece! Hostess Handbook tip: Get these candles at Rite Aid for $1.30!


Tinsel Loops Garland

I love the holiday season and all the festive decor that pops up at this time of year! However, a lot of the items that you see in the stores for holidays really don’t need to be bought but can be made at home! I was in Anthropology  the other day and came across the below Tinsel loops garland. I thought it was just the cutest thing but I also thought it is the easiest thing to DIY! Why spend $68 on something can make for $5? Ladies, get your DIY Diva hats on and lets get crafting!

Anthropology Tinsel Loops Garland

 Take silver pipe cleaners

Make a loop in with the middle section of the pipe cleaner.

Then use the remaining length to make a diamond shape and attach to the ring of the next pipe cleaner you will make. Attaching one after another of the loop/diamond shape will make a chain for you to drape around your tree!

This tinsel loops garland looks so great on the tree and is such a wonderful homemade touch for the holidays!

Tinsel loops garland on Christmas Tree


DIY Diva- Pink Hostess Snoball Woman

This DIY pink snow woman is easy to make and too cute to boot! It is perfect as holiday decor. The Hostess Handbook suggests you place it on a serving tray of dessert goodies as the main display!

Step 1. Take 3 Hostess Pink Snoballs and connect them by putting a straw through the middle of each as if it were a “back bone”

Step 2. Take mini white chocolate tips and attach by using pink icing as “glue”

step 3. Make a scarf with pink icing and white candy pearls (found in any grocery store bakery isle)

Step 4. Stick pretzels in the middle snoball for arms

Step 5. Decorate the face with raisin as the mouth, chocolate mini chips as the eyes and the orange part of a candy corn as the nose!

Bedazzled Mustache Straw


Bedazzled Mustache Straw

Of course, I had to take it to the next level with this mustache craze and design a bedazzled version for the holidays! I absolutely love mustache straws for parties and think it is a great activity to have for people to do while they are mixing and mingling!!  A bedazzled mustache straw is beyond glam and everyone will love making one for themselves!

Take a mustache stencil, you can print the picture below, and cut a stach out of felt!

Then back the felt with black foam. Cut a slit in the center of the mustache for the straw to go through

Attach the gems with a glue gun

Voila! A Super Glam bedazzled Mustache Straw!

Puzzle Piece Snow Flake

Puzzle Piece Snow Flake

 The Holidays are finally here! I know, I know we were just celebrating Thanksgiving and now onto the next thing! However, the holiday season is such a great time of year to put your DIY Diva selves to work! This DIY puzzle piece snow flake is a great project to do with friends as an activity at a holiday party! Activities are always a must when putting on a good party! Its so unique and guests can take it home and use it on their tree or for decor! Everyone loves taking home a little something! This project is also super easy and cheaptastic! I just love how all the different shapes of the puzzle pieces make one of a kind snow flakes, just like the real thing!

Here is what Ya do!

Bambi Puzzle

Get a puzzle of your liking and make sure it will have uniform colors. Mismatched colored puzzle pieces can look messy when making your snowflake. This puzzle had a lot of blue pieces and was thus a good choice for making a clean looking snow flake! Light blue is also a great color to use in general for a winter snow flake look!

Blue Puzzle Pieces

Then, glue the puzzle pieces together by overlapping the ends. Take each point of the snow flake and connect them in the center. Vary the lengths of the points to give the snow flake some depth!

Finally, take a whole puncher and make a circular hole at the top of one of the puzzle pieces. Thread a sting through the hole in order to hang the ornament! Wahoo! A puzzle piece snow flake made in no time!

Snow Flake

Puzzle Piece Snow Flake

DIY Mustache Straws


(Thank you to my lovely Model!)

The Mustache craze has really gone above and beyond and who better to take it to the next level than The Hostess Handbook! I was in Pottery Barn and Paper Source this weekend and found myself inundated with mustache paraphernalia, one of which were mustache straws, which got my DIY Diva noggin a thinkin! Why not make your own mustache straws at home? How cute is it to have these at your next party! These  party “accessories” will definitely make it a soiree to remember!

(Thank you to my lovely model)

It just so happens that this past weekend was the Emmy Awards and I had a party to go to! Um…also a great DIY hostess gift! Everyone loved the DIY mustache straws and thought they were super cute and unique. I mean it is pretty funny and can really go with any themed party at any time of the year! Use these for Halloween, Thanksgiving dinner and even Christmas!

Here is how you create the DIY Mustache Straws:

1) Print out a stencil of a mustache (you can use the one below!)

2) Take some black/yellow felt (found at any craft store) and draw the outline of a mustache using the stencil and then cut it out!

3) Poke a hole in the middle of the mustache for the straw to go through!

4) Use a bendable straw and put it through the hole in the mustache so you can drink while the mustache rests on your lip!

These DIY mustache straws create a fun, funky, fresh atmosphere that will get people mingling and DRINKING!

Wine Cork Place Cards

Ya’ll I am soooo excited about these wine cork place cards! They are so super cute and easy to make on our young, broke and fabulous budget! And how Kitschy are these? Now, all my wino ladies out there will be able to put their leftover wine corks to good use! They also incorporate chalk paint, which is such a trendy design element at the moment and one that I really love!

These place cards will make any dinner party unique and are a great way to add some personality to your table scape. A lot of people, especially younger hostesses, don’t use place cards anymore when they have people over for dinner but I say we bring it back with this fun, funky, fresh vibe. The Wine cork place cards show your guests that you really put tender, lovin, care into your gathering and makes everyone feel special! Additionally, these place cards are a great idea for brides on a budget! You can make a ton for a big gathering and it won’t break the bank! I see these working really well for country chic weddings! Easy peasy!

Here is how you make the wine cork place cards:

Take wooden ovals, which you can find at any Michaels Craft Store, and paint them with chalk paint. Make sure to do two coats to make a thick base to write on!

Once the wooden ovals are dry write the names of your guests on them!

Take your wine corks and cut a tiny slit out of the top of the cork for the wooden oval to rest in. I took a sharp kitchen knife and cute a thin slice out of the middle! Make sure its not too big of an opening because you want the place card to be held up straight and tight!

Finally, place them around your table and wait to see your guests be wowed!

Homemade Cake Stand

A cake stand can really help make a dessert display special but they can also be very expensive. Definitely not on our young, broke and fabulous budget! However, with this homemade cake stand, you can have the same fancy look on the cheap! And, using martini glasses as the stems help to create a fun, funky, fresh look! Its super easy! Get your glue guns out and lets craft!

Step 1- Get mini colored plastic martini glasses, small and large clear plastic plates and a glue gun!

Step 2- Glue one martini glass to the middle of a big clear plastic plate. Then put glue around the rim of that same martini glass and stick a second one face down on top of it. This makes the stem of the homemade cake stand. Repeat this technique for the next two levels but use the small clear plastic plates. Allow time for each level to dry before moving onto the next level.

Step 3- Place mini cupcakes on the homemade cake stand! If you use big cupcakes as shown below only make two levels in your cake stand so it does not topple over!

Carrot Utensils

Hello all my lovely ladies! Hope you’re having a good Monday morning and your DIY Diva is itching to come out! Today, I bring you a super cute dinner party idea! Carrot Utensils! Yup, The Hostess Handbook is getting cray cray!  These carrot utensils are perfect for a country chic party or kids and mommy get together! These bundles are best displayed in a group for a buffet in some sort of rustic can or basket! A whole bunch of “carrots”! How cute!

These carrot utensils are so unique and will make a huge hit at your next bash! So simple, so FABtastic!

Take green utensils, orange square napkins and green pipe cleaners. Wrap the green utensils like a cone with the orange napkin.

Fold the edge of the left flap in so that its tucked away in the back, making a smooth front!

Secure the napkin with a multi color green “Carrot shoot” napkin wing! Fold and twist the pipe cleaners to add more depth and texture to the carrot!


Pasta Decor

Tasty Tip

Pasta Decor

The Hostess Handbook is so obsessed with using apothecary jars for decor! A lot of displays use candy or lemons in the jars, but we are taking it one step further. Pasta! Why not? How awesome is it for the kitchen?

(Swap Candy for Nest Pasta)

These egg pasta nests are the perfect shape and size to fill an apothecary jar!  The Hostess Handbook suggests mixing green and yellow to break up the color and add more texture! Place in the kitchen and voila! You have created a unique decor item!

Kitschy Drink Markers

DIY Diva

Kitschy Drink Markers

 The best thing about holiday parties is that you can show off all your DIY creations like these kitschy drink markers. I featured them a couple of weeks ago on the site and then brought the labels and some fun margarita cups to a 4th of July party this past weekend and they were a big hit! Everyone loved picking out which drunk “type” they were and sporting their “signature”  label proudly! I suggest you make these for one of your next parties and pair them with fun cups like shown!

All you need are sticky-tab labels and a sharpie! Write cute phrases on the sticky tabs and attach them to fun cups to make these kitschy drink markers! Super easy, budget friendly, amazingly FABtastic!

The Hostess Handbook would like to thank my lovely model Alison Schouten!

Flower Power Party

Hostess Handbook Exclusive

Flower Power Party


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Would LOVE to see you all on Sunday! Wahoo!



DIY Louboutin Nails

DIY Diva

DIY Louboutin Nails

Loving This Trend:

Ladies, I am totally loving this Louboutin Nail trend that Adele sported at this years Grammys! Also love that it is super easy to do yourself! I would definitely flaunt this style for a fun night out on the town. Keep in mind that you have to have some length to your nails to be able to paint the underside red. If you don’t have long nails, you can always slap on some fake ones, make an effort to grow them or get gels.

These DIY Louboutin Nails are so fun, funky, fresh! Send me pictures and I will feature your design on the site! Wahoo!

DIY Louboutin Nails:

-Phile nails into a square shape

-Apply a clear base coat

-Paint top of nail with two coats of black nail polish

-Apply tape to the skin under your nail so you don’t get the red polish on your skin.

-Paint the underside of your nail with red nail polish

-Apply a top coat and let dry


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