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Easter Flower Arrangement Idea

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Easter Flower Arrangement Idea


 Easter is a big time for entertaining and   many people opt for the already made flower arrangement that is way out of their budget but “sooooo pretty.” Well, I’m going to show you how you can make a FABtastic design that usually goes for around $80 for only $20! Now, thats young, broke and fabulous style!

 This design is really easy and  wonderful for a holiday centerpiece! Take a can or flower pot, green moss, yellow roses, gerber daises and ribbon. The roses will run you about $9 a dozen, Moss about $4, Gerber Daisy about $3 and Ribbon about $3! 

Tie a bunch of roses together with the yellow ribbon. Make sure you cute some stems about an inch shorter than the others to create some levels and depth! Either take flower foam (found at any flower shop and cheap) or paper towels to create a base for the “rose tree” to fit into so that the bunch stays upright and stable in the can! Wet the paper towels so the stems can absorb some water. Place the moss on top of the paper towels so it is covering the top of the can and spilling over the edges but does not fill the entire can. Put some additional roses at the bottom with a gerber daisy or other variety of flower to add some color and texture!

 Or leave simple with just the moss at the bottom.