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4th of July BBQ Flower Arrangement

French Fry Holder Flower Arrangement

French Fry Holder Flower Arrangement

I am so obsessed with this flower arrangement for all your summer BBQ’s and think this is a perfect decorative item for your 4th of July parties! It is super cute and super easy to make! I found the french fry holder and wrappers at World Market. You can buy one online that is similar but not exact to the one I bought in the store. I suggest you find your way to World Market for your next party and get the checkered french fry paper. Its super cute and stands out!


Make a French Fry Holder Flower Arrangement for 4th of July

1- Take a bunch of Bells of Ireland  and purple Freesia flowers. About 6 Bells of Ireland and 5 Freesia!



2- Lay out the french fry wrapper so its diamond shaped and place the flowers at the top of one of the points.


3- Wrap the flowers making a cone shape and close with double sided tape!


4-  Place flower ends in a 3 oz plastic cup filled with water. Cover the cup with the end of the wrapping paper and insert the flower bundle in the french fry holder!

Cut the bottom

Cut the bottom



Valentines Day Centerpiece

 Valentines Day Centerpiece

Candy hearts are a classic Valentines day treat and one that is perfect for decor! They actually seem to be creeping up everywhere. Even on chinese take out boxes! These mini boxes are available at World Market and make the perfect base for flower arrangements. Pair those boxes with some cute pink and white striped candles enclosed in a candy heart rectangle and you have wonderfully unique and romantic valentines day centerpiece!

First, cut a circle out of the top of the chinese take out boxes and secure the flaps with double sided tape! Place a shot glass in the box for 4 mini pink roses to sit in. Set them in the box so they are bursting out of the whole! You can add some greens to the center box to create some depth and texture and break up the flower design of the entire centerpiece! You don’t want all three box arrangements looking the same!

Then, place candles between the take out boxes in a line and finish it off with surrounding the candles and take out boxes with candy hearts! Super cute and so easy! The perfect Valentines Day centerpiece! Hostess Handbook tip: Get these candles at Rite Aid for $1.30!


Halloween Paper Flowers

Follow the folding instructions above with a piece of silver glitter wrapping paper. You can find this paper at Paper Source!







Who knew flowers could be so spooky? Today, I am bringing this article out of the archives because I love it so much and think these flowers are perfect for a Halloween dinner party! These Halloween paper flowers will take you back to your arts and crafts days! These flowers are super cute, easy to make and won’t break the bank. They also won’t die on you, which is a great thing for all my “black” thumbed hostesses.

These Halloween paper flowers make wonderful decorative items and unique place cards! Be prepared for your dinner guests to want to take their name cards home with them!

 The flowers featured above are made out of silver and spider web wrapping paper and stuck together by double-sided tape! They are super fun to make and will bring a kitschy twist to your Halloween gathering!

Flowers Made Out of Tea Bags

Happy Monday morning my DIY Divas! Today, I have a super cute project for you which is great to do with kids. And lets face it, is pretty fun for adults too! Its really easy to create flowers made out of tea bags and so on your young, broke and fabulous budget! If your having a tea party these flowers are a wonderfully unique element to bring into your decor. So kitschy and super creative!

  Guide to creating

Flowers Made Out of Tea Bags!

1) Use a tea bag, a green pipe cleaner and pink or red food dye to create these flowers

2) Cut the Tea bag open straight across below where the label or string is attached and empty out the tea.

3) Cut the tea bag again length wise so you are creating a flat piece of material.

4) Wet the tip of a paper towel and put pink food dye on it and apply to the tea bag. Basically color in the tea bag!

5) Accordion fold the tea bag and attach the green pipe cleaner in the middle

6) Fan out the tea bag around the pip cleaner to create the flower. Cut a little piece of pipe cleaner and zig zag bend it to create the “stigma” for the flower. Attach it right underneath the middle of the flower where the pipe cleaner is holder the tea bag!

Voila! Flowers Made out of Tea Bags!

Egg Carton Flower Arrangement for Easter

Flower Power

Egg Carton Flower Arrangement for Easter

After dyeing easter eggs, what does a girl do with the empty egg cartons? Make a flower arrangement! Obvi! This egg carton flower arrangement for easter is super cute, easy, cheap and unique! Add some moss and rose buds into the egg compartments in the carton and your done! Remember to cut the roses and place them inside the carton right before guests get to the party so the flowers don’t wilt.

The Hostess Handbook suggests you place the arrangement on a coffee table or the dining table as the centerpiece! So simple and too cute to boot!

Floral Ice Cubes

Flower Power

Floral Ice Cubes

Spring is upon us and there is nothing that makes the Hostess Handbook happier than flowers springing up everywhere we look! For all of your spring time soirees, these floral ice cubes are the perfect touch to your chilling bucket. Most people do not want to eat the flower petals so the Hostess Handbook suggests using them as decor to chill some champagne or white wine on a warm spring night! So easy and too cute to boot! All you do is scatter flower petals in the water in ice trays and set to chill!

Chinese New Year Take Out Box Flower Arrangement

Flower Power

Chinese New Year Take Out Box Flower Arrangement

The Chinese New Year is next week and this take out box flower arrangement is a perfect party centerpiece. You could also put it on a buffet table and have the chopsticks on the plate below for people to take and eat with! A Chinese New Year party is super easy to throw and everyone loves the food. I suggest making it easy on yourself and ordering in a bunch of chinese food, use a bunch of these flower arrangements and have some beer and sake!

First, get a red take out box and cut a circular hole in the top. Make sure to put a small cup of water or vase inside the box for the flowers to rest in. Keep the flaps of the take out box down by taping them together with double sided tape.

Place red mini roses around the rim of the hole.

 Then add another level with three Calla Lilies and finish the design with two chop sticks! You can also cut and tape the chopstick wrapper on the take out box to add to the asian design and tie in the chopsticks on the plate!

Flower Power: Using a Kenzan Needle Point Holder/Frog

If you are going to get creative with flowers, you have to get a Kenzan Needle Point Holder commonly known as a “Frog”. You can make so many unique arrangements because this base allows you to fix the stems exactly where you want them without having a vase hold them in place. The Kenzan needle point holder is used in a lot of asian inspired floral designs and arrangements set in bowls.


This design takes the flower out of the water, so it must be made shortly before guests arrive so they don’t die during your party. Luckily it is super easy and takes no time. Did I mention it is cheaptastic too? This Kenzan needle holder is $6.99 and can be used for countless floral designs.

The only other items you need are water glasses and Lilies.Place the Lily in the middle of the “frog”base and cover the rest of the base with green leaves so the needles are not showing. Cover the Lily with a clear water glass that can be found in your own kitchen! Voila! You have glass enclosed Lily display. You can place a couple of these arrangements around the house or take three glass enclosed Lilies and use them as a centerpiece. Always use odd numbers in your centerpieces! Take the three Lilies and place them in a line in the center of the table from one head of the table to another. You can even add some tea light candles in between the glass enclosed Lilies! Such a unique flower arrangement and too cute to boot!


Flower Power: Fall Beer Bottle Decor

When you want to make something special but don’t have the money to drop, you have to get creative. Most of us young, broke and fabulous people do not have three matching flower vases to make a uniform display. No problem! Improvise! Beer bottles serve as great vases! Soak the bottles in water for about ten minutes so that the labels come off easily and with no glue residue.

Arrange whatever flowers you like most in the bottles. Remember to create levels with your greenery and flowers. Cut some longer and some shorter for depth and texture! Cat-tails, featured in the middle bottle, are cheap and very “fall!” The Hostess Handbook suggests you use them to add some uniqueness to the decor. You do not need a lot of flowers for this display nor do they have to be expensive. The flowers and greenery shown are about $7!

Add a finishing touch by setting the bottles in cranberries! This adds color, texture and brings the whole piece together!

Flower Power: Maple Syrup Vase

Let’s get creative this Thanksgiving with some DIY pieces that are simple and inexpensive. There is always tons of syrup around in the fall and the jars can be super cute and make unique flower vases. This maple leaf jar is perfect for a small arrangement of some cat-tails and glitter flowers! Glam up the cat-tails by spreading glitter glue  on them! I like to use silver and gold but by all means go sparkle crazy with whatever colors tickle your fancy. Also, the water in the jar is colored purple with food die to accentuate the detail of the maple leaf. Place a couple of these around the house to create a fall look!

Hostess Handbook Tip: Use cat-tails and fake glitter leaves so that the piece lasts all season!

Flower Power: Fall needs Sun Flowers

Lets face it, fall equals sunflowers. You would be lost without them, yearning for their warmth and radiance. Can you believe it, I was not an english major? I do really love sunflowers not only for their beauty but for their longevity. Yes people, if you’re going to be buying fresh flowers, they better last you! And  these baby’s don’t let ya down. Spruce up the arrangement or centerpiece with any of the following brown banana leaves, red roses, calla lilies and brown pom poms! You just need a few of each if you are going to use all of them! This will cut down on cost!

You can get a piece of foam at any flower shop, they are cheap and worth getting! Hostess Handbook tip: foam makes flower arranging much easier and allows you to be more creative! Refer to the “how to” video for details on wrap the brown banana leaves and folding the red roses. It’s simple, just wrap the banana leaves and staple them in place! Fold back the first couple layers of the red roses to give them a “garden” look!



Flower Power: Red Glitter Cabbage

Glitter and cabbage never looked so good! But please do not eat! This “flower” is a great fall centerpiece that is unique and on your budget! This DIY cabbage flower will run you about $7! Get cookin!

Red Cabbage Flower instructions:

-Take a red cabbage and cut the top 1/3 off

-Microwave for 1 minute to soften the leaves

-Tear off first couple layers of leaves

-Peel back the other  leaves, leaving a round center

-Take the leaves you tore off from step 3 and tear into pieces. Wedge them in between the peeled back layers to create more depth

-Take gold glitter glue and outline the flower to accentuate the leaves!


Flower Power: Candy Corn Crafts

This DIY Candy Corn flower is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for Halloween! Take an old time favorite and use it in unexpected ways. A collection of these flowers can be scattered around the party area, placed on the side of food platters as garnish or used as a simple centerpiece!

Flower Power: Rose Skull


Halloween is fast approaching and I have been consumed by glitter! Yes, glitter! Who says Halloween can’t be cute? Spooky out, sparkle in! This shimmering black styrofoam skull is so fabtastic and easily made into a unique flower piece! Poke a whole in each eye and stick a small rose with about 1/2 inch stem in each. Add some romance to the mix by placing another rose in the side of the mouth!

Hostess Tip: Decorating on a budget is easy peasy with this DIY Rose Skull and it costs under $10 to make!

Flower Power: A Beer Glass is not Just for Drinking!

Pull out a beer glass from your kitchen and use it Hostess Handbook style! Thats right, a beer glass can be used as a vase for a chic and unique flower arrangement! As you can see, this is not belch worthy but blab worthy. It will definitely be hard to keep this secret from your friends!

Let’s talk elements- You need:

1 clear beer glass

1 banana leaf (wrapping the inside of the glass so the stems don’t show, refer to “How To: Flower Arranging” video)

3 hydrangeas (you can choose the color)

5 orchids

Hostess Tip: Place the hydrangea in the wrapped beer vase first and then add the orchids so they are perfectly held in place!