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Flower Power Party DIY Projects

Sunday was another DIY Funday for The Hostess Handbook and Eventbrite at Rolling Greens! We met a great group of people at the DIY Flower Power event and we had such a blast! One of the favorites was the chinese take-out box arrangements which is a wonderfully unique centerpiece for the young, broke and fabulous! You don’t need a ton of flowers which cuts down on costs and the design is super fun and fresh!

Lets go back in the Archives for the original Tutorial on chinese take-out box centerpieces!

The main trick behind the chinese take-out box arrangement is cutting a circle out of the top of the closed container and putting a cup of water in the box at the opening for the flowers to sit in. After cutting the circle out, tape the flaps shut with double sided tape making sure it doesn’t show. Create the first level with three or four Carnations placed so they are sitting on top of the container. Then, get Bells of Ireland and put them in the center of the arrangement. The Bells of Ireland will give the arrangement wonderful height and texture!

Another DIY project we did at the party was “Flower Gift Wrapping.” One of my DIYers wanted to make a unique present for her friend and brought some fake flowers with her. We tore the arrangement apart in order to build our own designs with the individual flowers. Then, we attached the two gift boxes on an angel and started to decorate the wrapped present as if it were a cake! We used a glue gun to attach the flowers and double sided tape to attach the two gift boxes! This is a great idea for a friend who loves flowers and really shows that you put thought into their gift!

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