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Unzipped Bag Bowl

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Fred and Friends unzipped bag bowl

 This past weekend, I stumbled upon this Fred and Friends unzipped bag bowl and think it is just too damn cute. What a perfect hostess gift for all your holiday parties! You could even pair it with some candy or salty treats for a more complete gift!

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This unzipped bag bowl is made out of blown glass and could also be a wonderful house warming gift! Of course, I am always thinking about design and envision these bowls as centerpieces with goldfish in them! Tooo cute!

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Mother’s Day at Burke Williams

Burke Williams Spa

Burke Williams Spa

If you’re looking to get a FAB gift, It might be time to spend Mother’s Day at Burke Williams. They are having great package deals and a little spa action is always a wonderful gift for mom. I loveeee massages and am always discovering new places and visiting old favorites. Burke Williams is definitely an old favorite and the ultimate in relaxation. They also have a bunch of locations so you can find one that is closest to your mother.

Burke Williams Spa

Burke Williams Spa

Choose from West Hollywood, Pasadena and Santa Monica or branch out further to Orange country, Sherman Oaks and even San Francisco.  I suggest you get mom the “Relax” package which is a spa pedicure plus either a 50 minute massage or a 50 minute facial for $145. The regular price in usually $180. Or if you’re feeling like a baller you and mom can do a day together! Those are always fun and the deal is really good! Its basically the “Relax” package for two but at $275 rather than the normal $360! Wahoo. Now, you can relax in luxury knowing you got a great deal!

Stone Massage

Stone Massage

Spring Pillow Change Up

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As the sun starts to poke through the grey winter clouds one might feel the need for a little pop of color in their home! The easiest way to spruce up your place without breaking the bank is to change up the throw pillows on your couch. A small detail that can really make the room come alive! I am loving these C Wonder heart pillows for a sweet spring look! These pillows are also a great housewarming present! Super cute, simple and fab for spring!

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Nutcracker Napkin Rings

I cannot get over these Cutetastic Nutcracker napkin rings from World Market! These are just too adorable! Could you imagine sitting down to a Christmas dinner and seeing these on the table! Pure Joy!  What a great hostess gift for the holidays! They are so unique and will start conversation among all the guests. The best part? The Hostess Handbook found these Nutcracker napkin rings on sale for  $6.99! Wowoweeewow! Love when you can be a budgeting diva!


Hangover Cures

There seems to be a book for everything these days. And yes I sound like a grandma! When did greasy food and water not become the go to hangover cure? Well, apparently there are a lot of other ways to cure that headache and feeling of death after a fun Saturday night! This book is super cute and so great as a hostess, birthday or holiday gift for the right person. I personally would love this for my coffee table! What are your Hangover Cures?

A and R Venice

Girls, I am totally crushing on A and R Venice! I found this uber unique and hip gift store while shopping in Venice this weekend and can’t stop thinking about it! It isn’t a new store but definitely new to me. How did I let this gem sit there for so long before finding it? Thank god I know about it now! This is the perfect store for your holiday shopping and I really encourage you all to visit A and R Venice for some killer gifts! Here are a couple items that I am obsessed with at the moment! With Thanksgiving around the corner, these items can make great hostess gifts as well!

This gold fish bowl with mountain scape is FABtastic!

Now this is a new kind of water bottle! I will use this all the time!

This is genius! Fold away colander!

Um….this is the best! Cake cutter extraordinaire!  


Boozeman Martini Shaker

This Boozeman RX Glass Martini Shaker is the perfect Hostess Gift for your vodka loving friends! It is also a super cute decorative piece for your bar! Use this martini shaker and put mixers in apothecary jars at your next party to create an old school pharmacy feel at the bar! Quick, Easy and FAB! I saw this while in the French Quarter and had to share my find! Its so kitschy and fun! Items like this really make a home special and unique. This baby will cost you $24.99

Buy Here:

Boozeman RX Glass Martini Shaker

Spoon Bottle Openers

If you love a good vintage find like I do, you will love these spoon bottle openers from World Market! I just love when you use something in an unexpected way! Super cute and unique! If you have a boyfriend like mine who loves his beer and you want to class it up a bit these spoon bottle openers will definitely do the trick. 

The Hostess Handbook also loves these bottle openers as a hostess gift. They come in a set of three and are $23.97! An eclectic friend would absolutely die over these spoons! They are so perfect for entertaining as they can add a little pizzaz to your “bar” area and be useful at the same time!

Bachelorette Bingo

I am a big big bingo fan and came across this Knock Knock game for a bachelorette party and just think it is a perfect party gift to bring to get people excited for the fun night! Make this bachelorette bingo into a drinking game for a cute pre-game! All you need to do is make rules such as if you get a bingo you need to finish your drink or when you get a “box” marked off you need to take a shot! This could turn real sloppy!

This bachelorette bingo game is so on your budget at $5.25 for a packet of 12 cards!

Would you play this as a pre-game for your bachelorette?


Soda Pops LA

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went to a pool party at a friend of a friends house. You know that deal. You have to bring something but you don’t really know these people so it has to be something everyone would like. Most people bring a bottle of wine, but thats not really my style. I always like to bring something unique even if I don’t know the people who’s house I’m going to. So the trick is…it can’t be something too specific but you don’t want to bring over a boring bottle of wine. Well, I have just the solution!

(Yes that is a pic of good old Osama with a label that says “Seal Ya Later”)

Before my boyfriend and I went to the party we obvi had to stop for something to eat and found our selves picking up a delicious sandwich from Soda Pop’s on La Cienega in West Hollywood. In addition to a great sandwich selection, they also have a huge variety of Soda’s for sale. I’m talking weird and funky labels and flavors such as peanut butter and Celery sodas. I fell in love with all these kitschy beverages and thought a six pack would make a wonderful gift. The couple has two kids, kids love soda and grown-ups love clever and unique gifts! Perfect!

If you live in or near West Hollywood Soda Pops LA is a great place to get a fun and unique gift for a party! Hostess Handbook Approved!

(Everyone loved these drinks from Soda Pops LA and couldn’t stop talking about them at the party! Big Win!)

Soda Pops LA

349 N La Cienega Blvd, 310.967.0119

CB2 Home Accessories

Golden Pig Book Ends- $29.95

I was in CB2 on Sunday with a friend who bought these Golden Pig Book Ends for a birthday present and thought they were super cute as a hostess gift as well! I looked around the store and realized the CB2 Home Accessories are really amazing and so on our young, broke and fabulous budget! Even more, the website has a great layout and “Gift” option category that is broken down by price! Genius! I suggest you check out their site when you are looking for gifts on a budget. CB2 is gonna be your new BBFF- Budget Best Friend Forever!

Here are a couple CB2 Home Accessories The Hostess Handbook has chosen and all for under $30!

Oliver Martini Glasses- $3.95 Each

Humble Pie Platter- $5.95

Washing Machine Hamper- $29.95

Camera Card Carrier- $9.95

C Wonder Decorative Plates

Ikat Giraffe Plate-$38.00

You know I love, love, love interior design and unique accents and these C Wonder decorative plates are just the thing that gets me excited. First off, love animals. Second off, love bright colors. Third off, love funky patterns!

Black and White Elephant Plate- $38.00

These plates are a great summer housewarming or hostess gift for your friends. It really is something special and unique. I would love getting one of these for my apartment as an accent on my coffee or entry way table. The C Wonder decorative plates are very bold and can really help to set the mood of a room.

Black and White Zebra Plate- $38.00

These plates are a bit pricey for any old hostess gift so keep this in mind for a good friend or someone special!  They will love them! My favs are the Giraffe and Elephant! What are your favorites out of this selection?

Fred’s Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers

The Hostess Handbook is so in love with unique hostess gifts! These Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers are amazing and a perfect gift for a guy. Also, great for your dad and your music loving friends. Having a Grammy party? These would be a FABtastic touch! They are also so on your budget at $8.43!

Buy Here

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Kikkerland Cheers Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hostess Gift

Kikkerland Cheers Salt and Pepper Shakers

These Kikkerland Cheers Salt and Pepper Shakers are such a great hostess gift for the wino in your life! The next time you go to a party you have to bring these along for you gift! So much cuter than flowers and something that can be used over and over again. I just love finding things that are unique and not your usual hostess gift like wine and flowers. These kikkerland cheers salt and pepper shakers are only $11.00 for all my budgeting babes!

                                                                Buy Here

Wine Glass Markers

Hostess Gift

Wine Glass Markers

Summer equal tons of pool parties with crisp, cold white wine. At least in my mind! But what also comes to mind is forgetting which glass is yours and yada yada. Now, you can bring these kitschy wine glass markers as a gift an ensure that you will be never loose your yummy white wine!

These Fred and Friends ”wine lines” are so FABtastic and so Hostess Handbook style. They come in three different varieties to cater to your crowd! Choose from “Vintage,” ” Cheers,” “Nutty with a Kick” and “Woozy.” Gotta love those names! Our favorite is the “Cheers” collection which has the lines, ” Mazel Tov,” “Down the Hatch,” “Bottoms Up” and “Salud!”

This hostess gift will get everyone talking at the party and be an item to remember! The young, broke and fabulous are always FAB and never DRAB! Good thing these wine glass markers are super cute and super cheap! Only $5.98! Yippy, get tipsy in style!

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