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Party Like a Rock Star: Aviary

Rock Star Contributor: Talia Kayne


Let your mind take flight at master chef Grant Achatz’s latest creation, Aviary.   Think you saw the last of beakers and Bunsen burners in high school chemistry? Think again! Molecular gastronomy is the name of the game at this intimate lounge, and no one does it better than Achatz.

Located in Chicago’s up and coming Westloop meat-packing district, Aviary is the perfect setting for an elegant, intimate dinner party. Conversation won’t skip a beat with Achatz’s awe inspiring and mind bending mixology creations. The  cocktails may be expensive, but they are worth every penny!  Drinking a cocktail at Aviary becomes an interactive experience, always involving multiple senses.  As every good hostess knows, details are what makes your guests leave happy … and the details are what set aviary apart from the rest; from aromatic herbs to enhance your drinking pleasure, to flavor infused ice cubes that gradually melt in your cocktail so that the flavor “evolves” over the course of the drink.  You can’t help but take pictures of every cocktail that comes your way!

Of course, don’t forget about the “bites”.  With each course served on a two inch leaflet plate, its impossible to ignore the precision and meticulousness in which each bite is created. While they are tiny, they are bursting with flavor!  Your three course meal may have only been 3 bites – but you and your guests will definitely be leaving Aviary quite satisfied (and substantially buzzed).

A little Hostess Handbook secret…Aviary has a downstairs old school, speakeasy-style basement  called “The Office”. If you can score an invitation from the waiters to go downstairs, it’s worth the hype and exclusivity. The menu is a bit pricier, but the experience is PRICELESS.

Flower Power: A Beer Glass is not Just for Drinking!

Pull out a beer glass from your kitchen and use it Hostess Handbook style! Thats right, a beer glass can be used as a vase for a chic and unique flower arrangement! As you can see, this is not belch worthy but blab worthy. It will definitely be hard to keep this secret from your friends!

Let’s talk elements- You need:

1 clear beer glass

1 banana leaf (wrapping the inside of the glass so the stems don’t show, refer to “How To: Flower Arranging” video)

3 hydrangeas (you can choose the color)

5 orchids

Hostess Tip: Place the hydrangea in the wrapped beer vase first and then add the orchids so they are perfectly held in place!