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Flower Power: Fall needs Sun Flowers

Lets face it, fall equals sunflowers. You would be lost without them, yearning for their warmth and radiance. Can you believe it, I was not an english major? I do really love sunflowers not only for their beauty but for their longevity. Yes people, if you’re going to be buying fresh flowers, they better last you! And  these baby’s don’t let ya down. Spruce up the arrangement or centerpiece with any of the following brown banana leaves, red roses, calla lilies and brown pom poms! You just need a few of each if you are going to use all of them! This will cut down on cost!

You can get a piece of foam at any flower shop, they are cheap and worth getting! Hostess Handbook tip: foam makes flower arranging much easier and allows you to be more creative! Refer to the “how to” video for details on wrap the brown banana leaves and folding the red roses. It’s simple, just wrap the banana leaves and staple them in place! Fold back the first couple layers of the red roses to give them a “garden” look!



Hostess “How To” Series: Herb Arrangement

Herbs are not just for cookin’! They are also good lookin’ and can be used to make an herb arrangement. Flowers can get old, so let’s take it to the next level! You can either use only herbs or add in a couple flowers for some more color, but don’t lose sight of the fact that the herbs are what makes this arrangement unique. Highlight them! This is perfect for a dinner party and will smell just about as good to eat!

Hostess Tip: Dinner party on a budget means use the fresh herbs for cooking and for the arrangement!