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New Years Drink Do’s

Ring in the New Year with a Kir Royale cocktail! Easy, inexpensive and too cute to boot! Make sure to put a raspberry in the glass and a lemon rind to top it off!

Kir Royale Ingredients:

1/2 Ounce of Chambord (1/2 of a shot)

1 Raspberry


Small Piece of lemon rind


Pour Chambord into the bottom of a champagne flute, then fill glass with champagne. Add 1 raspberry and garnish with a circular lemon rind piece. Don’t forget to drink up!

If your throwing a New Years Eve bash and want to stick with the classic champagne, glam up the display! This is really simple and allows you to serve the drinks by hand or leave the tray on a table and have it look fabtastic! Take a plastic “silver” tray and spread chunky multicolored confetti around the plate. The Hostess Handbook loves chunky confetti! Simply place the champagne glasses on top and serve!



The Perfect Party Lips: Violent Lips- Glitteratti Collection

If  ever there was a time to take sparkle to the next level, its New Years Eve! The Violent Lips Glitteratti Collection of lip “tattoos” are super cray cray and so holiday appropriate! You will definitely stand out with your sultry lips! Don’t worry, The Hostess Handbook wouldn’t lead you astray, these “tattoos” are not permanent!