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Home Made Fried Oreos

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Home Made Fried Oreos

This carnival food is a summer favorite and one that guests will swoon over at your next dinner party. Who makes fried oreos for dessert? You do! Cause your young, broke and fabulous! They are super easy to make and such a fun dessert!

I recently went on a family vacation to North Carolina and we were fried obsessed. These fried oreos were one of the many items we made while on our trip and definitely Hostess Handbook Tasty Tip worthy!

The Secret? Freeze the oreos for at least 30 minutes before dipping them in pancake batter! Yup, your run of the mill pancake batter will do and tastes delicious!

On our trip we went all out and brought a mini deep frier to make these babies, however, most people don’t have a deep frier just lying around. Thats ok! I don’t expect you to! You need to make a DIY deep frier. Take a pot, like one you would use for boiling pasta, and fill it half way with your choice of oil. Let the oil heat up until it is super hot and drop the pancake dipped oreos inside. Cook until the outside is a light brown! Voila!  YUMmazing home made fried oreos!