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RivaBella Restaurant Review



Everyone needs a good new stylish restaurant to gather big parties of friends and family and RivaBella is exactly the right place. Perfect for a girls night or birthday party! This hot new restaurant in West Hollywood is quite the scene, with famous celebrities frequenting the joint for some good ole’ Italian cooking. The indoor/outdoor design makes RivaBella feel open and whimsical. I absolutely love the Tuscan farmhouse feel and think the food is great! 


I went to RivaBella recently and had the radicchio salad with crispy polenta croutons and gorgonzola dressing. YUMazing! Polenta croutons…um yes please! It had a wonderfully bold flavor and was very unique. As my main, I got the spinach pappardelle with lamb and mint ragu! This was really special and I highly recommend it! The mint mixed with the lamb created a fresh flavor in an otherwise heavy dish! If your feeling more on the meaty side, try the duck breast with lentils or their eggplant parmigiana or their Mozzarella/Tomato/Basil salad! Lets face it, it’s very hard to go wrong at RivaBella! Enjoy!


9201 Sunset Blvd  West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 278-2060

Gourmet Coffee Truck

Bring the coffee shop into your kitchen! Yes, this is totally possible with Brew Coffee’s  gourmet coffee truck ! I came upon one of their new store locations in hollywood and learned that they also have coffee trucks that you can reserve for private parties! Well, that is so up the Hostess Handbook’s alley and I wanted to share my FABtastic find with you all!

How cute would this gourmet coffee truck be for a brunch party at your home! It would bring a restaurant feel to the party without having to go anywhere. Brew uses specialty coffee from Stumptown coffee roasters which makes for an uber gourmet cup of joe! And super yummy! Your guests will also love the wide variety of  choices of lattes, chais and pastries!

Yup, you could have a “pastry and coffee station” at the coffee truck and then do eggs and other breakfasts foods on a buffet! Liven up the boring brunch!

I also love this gourmet coffee truck for weddings too. Its funky and fresh for a formal affair but sometimes that exactly what you need! If the venue works well with outdoor food trucks, I say you hire a bunch of them and have food trucks take the place of your “wedding buffet!” Super unique and so fun!


Circus Theme Party


A really cute and inexpensive theme for a party is Circus! A fun table scape can be created for a minimal amount of money and look fabulous! Just use these simple tips and everyone will be blown away! As you can see above, a great centerpiece is a Circus photo board! Guests can get some great pictures to take home, adding a nice interactive element to the circus theme party! You can get this at Party City for $5.99!

Get a box of colorful frosted animal crackers and display them on a silver tray. Everyone can have their own bag which makes it easy for people to pick up and eat while chatting with the other guests! A new type of finger food! I had these at my last party and seriously everyone loved them! The animal crackers took my guests right back to their childhood! Nostalgia is always a good thing at a Circus theme party! Get a box of these on the cheap at Smart and Final!

Popcorn is another food that is cheap and can make for a really great display! Get some old school popcorn boxes, found at any super market or Party City, and fill them up with whichever flavor of popcorn you like and display them in a tower formation! Helps to make you feel like your getting ready for the circus show!

Of course, You have to have my number one accessory! The polaroid camera! And make a “DIY Photo Booth”! Everyone goes cray, cray over a good old polaroid picture! This is also a great party favor!

Take some super cute pink tape and draw the outline of your “DIY Photo Booth” and label it with the same pink tape!

Have some super fun props in bags next to the “photo booth” for guests to dress up in! Wigs, swords and hats are always winners!

Don’t forget to make a personalized label, you can get them from staples, and stick them on the polaroids for a more professional look! Voila! Circus theme party complete!

Flower Power Party

Hostess Handbook Exclusive

Flower Power Party


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Would LOVE to see you all on Sunday! Wahoo!



LA Cocktail Classic

Party Like a Rock Star

LA Cocktail Classic

This weekend Drink Eat Play is hosting a FABtastic Boozy event at the Vibiana in downtown LA. The LA Cocktail Classic will have an array of  top mixologists whipping up their most YUMazing drinks. Basically, a wine tasting amped up on Vodka and sugar! I’m in! The event will also have live music and boasts to be an epic time.

Don’t think you can show up in casual LA gear though. Nope! The LA Cocktail Classic is for the swanky crowd who likes to get dressed up to get sloshed! So get your GLAMtastic dresses out for a fun night on the town!

The tickets to the event are a bit pricey, running you $75.00 but I have been to some of their other events and they are super fun and totally worth it. Maybe a birthday celebration will justify it? Also, lets face it, going out is expensive anyway so might as well splurge Friday night and stay in Saturday. Will probably even out!

The LA Cocktail Classic takes place this Friday June 8th! Get your tickets Here!


Tickets- $75.00 each

214 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, June 8, 2012 at 8:00 PM - Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 12:00 AM (PT)

The Skype and W(H)INE Girls Night

Party Like a Rock Star

The Skype and W(H)INE Girls Night 


 Hostesses with the mostestess rejoice! Ellen Clifford, actress and blogger over at Scrumptious Gruel ( is here to share a wonderful party idea for a girls night with your friends who live in different cities.

Allow me to introduce you to two recipes. One is for the Campari Champagne Cocktail. The other is a recipe for maintaining long-distance relationships and your bank account:

The Skype and W(h)ine Date

Or, if you are not into vino and venting:

The Skype and Cocktail


The Skype and W(h)ine or Cocktail Date


1) Friends you will love forever

2) Drink of choice

3) A computer and webcam or camera phone with Skype


1) Decide via text message(or email if you are going to be old-school about it) on a matching cocktail recipe, or a particular grape or region of wine.

2) If you want it to be a nice girl-date you can have pink cocktails.

3) Set a date and time keeping in mind time difference betwixt you and your chum.

4) When the time comes, skype each other up! You can open your wine or mix your cocktail in advance though I like to do this with my friends. Now, before the first sip the most important factor: the camera toast-this is my best girl back in St. Louis:

Then sample drinks and discuss. Just as good if not better than being at a loud, overcrowded bar. The initial layout for some of the booze used in cocktails may be high but hey, you’d easily spend that much on one night on the town, whereas you get literally dozens of drinks out of one pricy bottle at home. And it’s certainly less expensive than a plane flight.

 Now, to take your mind off the money I give you:

The Campari Champagne Cocktail

(from the Ultimate Bar Book)

1 oz. Campari

3-5 oz. chilled champagne(its ok to use a less expensive one since it’s being mixed)

Orange peel twist

Add champagne to your glass, Slowly pour in the bubbly, stirring a bit. Run orange rind around the rim of the glass and drop in.

Delightful. These may look like girly drinks but due to the Campari they pack a saucy bitter kick.  These are not just girl drinks, They are Woman Drinks.


The Pikey English Pub on Sunset Boulevard

Party Like a Rock Star

The Pikey English Pub on Sunset Boulevard

Photos from

Digging It Dishes:

-Lamb Shank- The Gravy is Yummazing!

-Welsh Rarebit (aka Grilled Cheese)- This will blow your childhood favorite out of the water.

-Chicken and Chips- Juicy and oh so British Roast style.

-Strawberry Ice Cream- Random but for Realzzz.  Tastes like real strawberries instead of processed.


Digging It Drinks:

-Ginger Minge- Scotch and Ginger based cocktail to get your juices flowin.

-The Dandy- Tequila, Ruby red Grapefruit and Pomegranate Syrup makes this choice Darndy Good!

-Laddie Dill- Vodka, Cucumber, Dill, Lime, Salt & Pepper makes for a perfect summer sip!


Digging It Decor:

-Up scale British Pub with iconic red booths and Gastro Pub feel!

-Separated into three rooms that cater to the dinner crowd the bar crowd and the Late night/private room crowd.

-Dimly lit throughout with a Library feel in the dining room, a rustic european hunting lodge in the main bar and an ancient middle eastern vibe in the back bar

Hostess Handbook Fun Facts:

-This Pub is owned by the same people who run The Roger Room

-Executive Chef is from The Spotted Pig

-The Pikey English Pub on Sunset Boulevard
7617 Sunset Blvd
LA, CA 90046



Birch and Barley Restaurant Washington DC

Party Like a Rockstar

Birch and Barley Restaurant Washington DC

Contributing Rockstar- Rachel Charlesworth
  When it’s 30 degrees outside, do you really want to be trekking around the city in a tiny dress and your four inch heels? I didn’t think so. On those nights head to Birch & Barley in DC’s hopping Logan Circle neighborhood for a big dinner with friends



The Hostess Handbook suggests you book Birch & Barley’s fantastic back dining room that accommodates up to 18. From there, you can watch all the action in the kitchen while enjoying some seriously good food, interesting cocktails and one of the most substantial beer lists in the city.

The owners of Birch & Barley take their 550 rotating cask and bottled beer selections seriously. Like wines at some other high end restaurants, the brews here are hand selected to compliment the chef’s delicious eats like arctic char tartare or beet risotto with whipped goat cheese (it comes out pink!).  Need a little help picking out the perfect beverage? Don’t hesitate to ask for Greg Engert, Birch & Barley’s in house beer director.

After enjoying a tasty meal, head upstairs to check out Birch & Barley’s more raucous sister bar, Churchkey. This super popular spot is constantly packed with twenty-somethings looking to get their drink on and forget their winter blues.

Golden Globe 2012 Party Tips

Party Like a Rock Star

Golden Globe 2012 Party Tips

Award show parties are always a favorite of mine because they are so fun and easy to throw. The theme is already built in and you have an activity that you know people will enjoy. Watching the Golden Globes is always more fun with a group of friends. Here are a couple Golden Globe 2012 party tips for all you young, broke and fabulous party planners!

* Themed food based on the Nominees*

Blood Orange Margarita- For American Horror Story

1/2 cup blood orange juice

2 tablespoons lemon juice (1 lemon)

1 cup Triple Sec

3 cups ice

1 cup white tequila

4 frozen margarita glasses

Painter’s Palette Cupcakes- For The Artist

I came across these on Sheekshindigs, which featured the cupcakes from Kristin’s Creative Cakery and thought these desserts would be a perfect fit for “The Artist” themed food! Such a cute idea!

*Activity to get guests involved in watching the Golden Globes*

   Have people fill out Ballots

Scatter ballots around the party area as decor and have people fill them out before the show starts. During the commercial breaks gather scores so that when the show ends you can give out a prize to the person who guessed the most amount of winners! You can print these out at

*Glamtastic Decor*

Be a Red Carpet Diva

You can get a red carpet for your guests to arrive in style on at Party City for $6.99! This is so kitschy and too cute to boot!

Nominated Movie Posters

Print out a ton of the nominated movie posters and put them in large photo frames. Scatter them around the party area!


Party Like a Rock Star: The Meatball Shop- West Village NYC

 Rock Star Contributer- Ashley Klein 

Set in the heart of the West Village, the third Meatball Shop location has finally opened!

The Meatball Shop is a cozy, cheap, and perfect setting to dine with friends and family.  You can either enjoy a drink at the bar or dine at tables set up community style. The Hostess Handbook suggests sitting community style so you can mingle with other guests and peek at their dishes!

The vibe is a mix between trendy and vintage, and the perfect spot for a relaxing meal. The meatball masterpiece recipes add a modern twist to your average meatball concoction. “Ball” lovers,
fanatics and newbees always leave wanting to venture back for another bite.

The inventive build-your-own-meal menu features 5 different types of meatballs including classic beef, spicy pork, chicken, vegetable, and a special which changes daily. Guests also have 6 sauces to choose
from such as classic tomato, spicy meat sauce, mushroom gravy, Parmesan cream, pesto, and a special sauce.

If you are young, broke, and fabulous, The Meatball Shop is your ticket to a delicious home cooked style meal that won’t break the bank!