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Apples with Honey for Rosh Hashanah

Apples with Honey

Happy New Year to all my Jew Divas! I had a wonderful dinner party for Rosh Hashanah last night and wanted to share my apples with honey presentation for you to make tonight! Super easy, super cute and super cheap! Toast to a “Sweet” new year in style without spending a fortune!  I love this hollowed out “apple bowl” presentation because it is unique and has a country chic feel for fall! Add some walnuts and dried apricots for more color and pizzaz!

How to Make the “Apple Bowl”

1) Cut a circle out of the top of the apple

2) Scoop out the inside until half of the apple is hollow

3) You can cut a circular slice out of the apple to make the sides even and neat if they got bruised while scooping

4) Make sure you expose the seeds of the apple while scooping so that you can see the “Flower” shape through the honey! Nice little touch!

Voila! A super cute way to serve Apples with Honey!

Apples with Honey